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Randy Orton’s set for A Moment of Bliss, unless somebody changes his mind between now and Monday

Multiple reports, and the learned experience of anyone who’s watched much pro wrestling, tell us WWE at one point planned for Bray Wyatt to feud with Roman Reigns. They changed their minds.

Since then, Wyatt’s been focused on Randy Orton (with a brief side mission to beat up Miz & Morrison). The Fiend helped AJ Styles beat Orton this past Monday, and signs point to Bray and Randy officially renewing acquaintances at TLC on Dec. 20.

Toward the end, WWE has announced that The Viper will be a guest Bray’s partner Alexa Bliss’ talk show/segment on the Nov. 30 edition of Raw.

This isn’t the first time we’ve been promised “A Moment of Bliss” to advance this story. In early November when The Fiend was occasionally joining Drew McIntyre to torment then-WWE champ Orton, they promoted McIntyre as Alexa’s guest. It didn’t happen.

So don’t get too attached to the idea of Randy on “A Moment of Bliss” this Monday. Vince McMahon will probably tear up the script two or three more times before then.

And really? If were Orton, I wouldn’t just go hang out with The Fiend’s red-eyed, blood-drooling little pal unless I had to. He should at least make sure Nikki Cross is available for a run-in so he’s not facing two supernaturally-charged lunatics on his own.

We’ll see what happens. If “A Moment of Bliss” with the Legend Killer happens, it will join the Styles/Keith Lee/Riddle #1 contender Triple Threat on the Nov. 30 episode of the red show. A match the suspended Braun Strowman might crash to set up his TLC match. Unless he doesn’t.

Can’t say they don’t keep us on our toes!

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