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WWE SmackDown results, recap, reactions (Nov. 27, 2020): No fear

Whew boy. I never want this to end.

This is like when you’re watching a good soap opera, and you just want to fast forward through the rest of the show until you get to the one storyline you actually care about.

The show started with Jey Uso elated at what happened at Survivor Series.

Roman Reigns was not elated that Jey Uso didn’t listen to him. There was no celebrating Reigns’ epic victory last Sunday.

If people don’t fear the Anoa’i family, they don’t respect the Anoa’i family.

Jey took this to heart and beat down Bryan in the back during his match with Sami Zayn. Kevin Owens came to his rescue and confronted Roman, Jey, and Paul Heyman and said all Roman does is treat his family like trash.

So Heyman went to Adam “McInfart” Pearce and made the match for the main event. Reigns wanted the fear put into Owens.

KO and Jey beat each other up and all of this was wonderful. Owens played with a bad left arm and Jey took advantage whenever he could. This is Kevin Owens as the best babyface he can be. Then Jey got fed up and DQ’d himself with a chair to Owens. But Owens fought back and clobbered Jey with the chair.

Then he took one of the chairs at commentary and said that if Roman has a problem with him he should come and say it to his face. He sat down at the head of the announce desk and said he was waiting for him. Brilliant.

I just want to also mention how brilliant Heyman and Reigns’ expressions were as they were watching the match and beat down. So well done. I did not see KO being the next in line for Roman for TLC but I do not hate it at all. I’m sure Bryan and Otis will be coming around, too.

Owens has no fear of Roman Reigns, and this is going to be a fun program.

The Rest

Sami Zayn def. Daniel Bryan - Sami doesn’t respect Thanksgiving. The ultimate heel. Us Americans can be quite gluttonous though, right? Can’t say I disagree with everything Sami says about us. I guess… that makes me a heel too?

Conspiracy theorist Sami Zayn has been a really fun character. Slick Sami has also been fun, tying Apollo Crews’ leg up under the ring was a pretty ingenious idea. These two had a great match. There was a terrifying apron brainbuster spot where Bryan’s head nearly hit the hardest part of the ring. Bryan dove in all directions to get Sami back, but Sami ran up the stage and to the back and Bryan followed him. As the ref was at 7, Sami ran back down without Bryan and got in right as the ref called for the bell. He’s so smart and smarmy. Bryan didn’t because of the continuing arc with Jey and Roman.

Roode and Ziggler def. The Street Profits - This match was apparently put together at the last moment, but you couldn’t tell from those promos! Another losers who lose win moment right here. I have zero interest in Roode and Ziggler and all they did before this match, as I just said, is lose! Can’t we get some other teams? It pains me to now switch my pre-written title of The Street Profits def. Roode and Ziggler around. Montez Ford and Angelo Dawkins continue to be a delight. Tez did the flying frog splash twice! I’m not excited for this to continue.

Bianca Belair def. Natalya - Bayley was at commentary and it was clear that the story. Natalya and Bianca were trying not to hit Bayley on the outside, but Bianca clocked her (by accident of course) but Bayley tried to interfere, and Bianca then accidentally threw Natalya into Bayley as she got up on the apron. We all know where this is going. And I like it! Bayley and Bianca should be quite entertaining.

Murphsterio def. Corbin - Yep. We’re doing that now. I need to entertain myself. This started with a backstage segment when Corbin came into the interview with the Mysterio clan and told them that Murphsterio was just here to mooch off of Rey. The whole time Corbin was disrespecting the Mysterio family, not one Mysterio (or Murphsterio) did anything. They just… stood there and took the verbal beating. Would be nice to see people not just stand there as a nobody berates them.

Then they made it worse. Mysterios interfered while the ref wasn’t looking, and it didn’t make Murphsterio look any better. Really just stupid. I thought I was going to be happier while Rollins was out, but this just kept the hatred going. Again, really stupid. Never actually make me begrudgingly agree with Corbin!

We almost had Otis and Corbin on this show, and I have to thank babyface-for-that-moment Jey Uso for saving us from that. Sasha also turned the tables on Carmella in a quick backstage segment. This show was decent, but it’s hard for anything to top the Roman saga. It’s just so damn good.

Grade: B-

I hope everyone who celebrated had a Happy Thanksgiving!

What were your thoughts, Cagesiders?

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