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Billie Kay was the best part of SmackDown again

Billie Kay isn’t getting a lot of time to work with on Friday Night SmackDown, but she sure is making the most of the time she is getting. Previously, she had me rolling from an interaction with The Street Profits (or “Mr. Profits,” as she called them). Now, she’s cracking me up at the announce desk.

The latest:

There really isn’t even all that much to say about this. She’s simply got the gift of incredible timing and delivery mixed with just the right voice for it all. More than anything, she’s entertaining. It’s just fun watching her run around trying to find her place after the breakup of The IIconics and split from Peyton Royce, who went to Monday Night Raw in the WWE Draft.

There’s also potential for an actual story here, though I’m not entirely confident in WWE being put together enough to follow through on it. After all, we’re making the most of 30 seconds here.

But Kay certainly deserves a lot of credit for what she’s doing with what she’s being given.

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