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This is the best promo of Ricochet’s WWE career

Sure, it’s in service of a feud which will likely play out on Main Event. And it’s unlikely to change his fortunes in WWE, where Vince McMahon is said to have given up on him.

But this promo from Ricochet is very good...

... and that’s encouraging if you’re a fan of his. Mic skills were the clear weakness in his otherwise very good-to-great pro wrestling game. The only other one was size, and as it’s infamously been said, you can’t teach that.

Cutting a promo like this is a sign Ric isn’t just playing out the string until his WWE contract is up - a rumor he shot down, but which would be understandable if it was true. Instead, the 32 year old is working to improve himself. Whether that leads to Vince giving him another chance, or to making him more valuable to Tony Khan or Gedo, he’s not giving up and continuing to invest in himself.

Also worth noting that this promo hit via his own Twitter. Which not only means he took the initiative to create & post it, but also that he probably came up with verbiage himself. That could be a sign that his mic issues in WWE are at least partially caused by the company’s reliance on scripts. If he’s stronger and more comfortable on the stick when coming up with his own words, that’s another sign he could be a big deal if he someday debuts for AEW or returns to New Japan.

Let us know what you think of Ricochet’s promo, or the future prospects for a guy who not that long ago was the hottest free agent in pro wrestling, in the comments below.

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