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The Godfather doesn’t know why he was momentarily brought to the ring for Undertaker’s Final Farewell either

I don’t think anyone complained about hearing the gong or seeing Undertaker throw his fist in the air while lightning filled the ThunderDome “sky” on Sunday night (Nov. 22) at Survivor Series. If nothing else, it was a cool way to mark the 30th Anniversary of the character’s debut.

There were those who questioned the decision to have Mark Calaway appear in-character to deliver his “Final Farewell” - especially after he and WWE have spent the bulk of this year letting us get to know the man behind the gimmick. Others were okay with one more “rest in peace” and the accompanying eye roll.

Something that left almost everyone scratching their heads, however, was having a parade of Taker’s friends and fellow legends come out to the ring before his appearance... then disappear without interacting with him. Or do anything, aside from enter, greet one another, and leave before Vince McMahon introduced Survivor Series 2020’s marquee attraction.

At least one of the guys tapped for that role didn’t know what the point of it was either. Charles “Godfather” Wright made that pretty clear while interacting with followers underneath this Instagram post:

But whatever WWE did, the important thing - as Wright starts to get to in that last exchange, and solidifies while chatting with this follower with the most incongruous avatar/name combo I’ve ever seen - was that the boys got a chance to honor their friend and leader:

Bone Street Krew 4 Life.

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