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NXT UK crowns its secondary champion

The latest episode of NXT UK hit the WWE Network yesterday (Nov. 26). This one was main evented by the final of the Heritage Cup tournament. Trent Seven and A-Kid were the last two from an eight man field, and took each other to the limit for the right to be the first to hoist the trophy which serves as the brand’s secondary men’s title.

Yes, the Heritage Cup serves two purposes. One is to give the NXT UK men’s roster something to fight over besides the main United Kingdom title - which is important because it’s not clear anyone is ever taking that thing off WALTER. It also provides the show with a concrete tie to the history of professional wrestling in the UK, as matches are fought under British Rounds Rules:

  • There will be six rounds for Heritage Cup matches. Each round will be three minutes.
  • There will be 20-second breaks between each round.
  • All matches are two-out-of-three falls.
  • Falls can be won by pinfall, submission, or countout.
  • Once a fall occurs, the round ends.
  • Once someone has won two falls, they are declared the winner.
  • If there’s a disqualification or knockout, the match ends without the need for two falls.
  • If a match goes the full six rounds, whoever is ahead on falls wins.

In the final, we also learned what happens when things are tied after six rounds. A-Kid pinned Seven in Round Three (and seemed to have the match won with a pinfall in Round Five, but time expired before the referee counted three), then Seven evened the score with a fall in Round Six.

That started a sudden death, untimed period...which was essentially a normal match. It was a darn good one, though. They made good use of the submission escape trope, with the veteran Trent fighting to reach the bottom rope, but ultimately failing by a finger’s width and being forced to tap to A-Kid’s omoplata.

Afterwards, Seven insisted on handing the trophy to the younger wrestler himself.

The Spanish Superstar seems poised for big things. Maybe even eventually dethroning the Ring General?

We’ll see. First he’s gonna have to defend the Heritage Cup. Who should be A-Kid’s first challenger?

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