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What did Sasha Banks do on The Mandalorian this week?

SPOILERS, obviously.

Sasha Banks’ Twitter

Disney+’s mega-hit The Mandalorian continued its second season on the streamer today (Fri., Nov. 27). Its fifth episode is called “The Jedi” - and you don’t need be a Star Wars nerd to know that means big stuff is going down for our titular hero and his ward, The Child (aka Baby Yoda).

But what WWE fans want to know is... what did Sasha Banks do on The Mandalorian this week? Did Koska Reeves make her second appearance?

Sasha Banks does not appear in episode five of season two of The Mandalorian.

This is where I would normally tell you how I think she could still show up. And it would still makes sense!

Moff Gideon and his evil midi-chlorian science projects are still chasing Mando to get his hands on Baby Yoda (whose name we learn this week in a bombshell of an episode that I don’t want to spoil except to say there’s a bantha poodoo-sized load of great stuff in this one you don’t want to miss, whether you know all the Star Wars continuity it plays with or are just here for samurai sword fights & old west shootouts in space). And Bo-Katan is still chasing Gideon for the Darksaber, so presuming Koska goes wherever Bo-Katan goes...

Unfortunately, in a interview where we learn The Boss didn’t smell Baby Yoda, she also said, “I’m only in this episode [Chapter 11: The Heiress]. It’s awesome but we can only hope for more stuff.”

It sounds like we’ll have to wait for season three of The Mandalorian or a spin-off series to see more of Sasha’s Star Wars character. Unless she’s working us - something both pro wrestlers and actors attached to billion dollar multi-media properties often do.

We’ll leave it up to you, Cagesiders from galaxies near & far, far away...


Should we be back next Friday for another edition of "What did Sasha Banks do on The Mandalorian this week?"

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    Nah, the gag’s run its course. Let us know if Banks is rumored for next season.
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