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Mustafa Ali is already back on Main Event

Prior to turning heel and becoming the leader of RETRIBUTION, Mustafa Ali struggled to get regular television time on Raw. This led to him becoming a fixture on WWE Main Event throughout August and September. I’m pretty sure this is part of the reason why he turned heel, because the unjust WWE system had no idea how to properly feature someone like him.

There is no doubt that RETRIBUTION has reached lots of low points, even with Ali as their leader. But their booking was changing for the better over the last couple weeks, picking up wins on consecutive Raw episodes in November.

So how did WWE follow up this week on RETRIBUTION’s recent momentum? The answer is: by leaving them off Raw and booking them on Main Event in a segment where they got to beat up the Gobbledy Gooker.

Nothing says the system is being shut down from within like beating up a giant turkey.

To be fair, this week’s (Nov. 23) episode of Raw was packed with matches, and there was a point during the show where I wondered how WWE was going to cram it all into the three hour episode. To give you a better sense of that reality, it’s worth noting that this episode of Main Event also featured a match between Jeff Hardy and Ricochet. If Jeff Hardy can’t even get time on Raw, well, it was always going to be an uphill battle for Mustafa Ali, SLAPJACK, and the rest of the crew.

Do you think RETRIBUTION will find their way back onto Raw next week?

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