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Seth Rollins thinks Becky Lynch is ‘ready to get back to work’

WWE posted a brief interview with Seth Rollins on their YouTube channel a short while ago. Even though Seth talks about how much he misses packed stadiums and traveling abroad, he acknowledges that there have been some clear benefits with the way WWE’s touring schedule has been disrupted as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. His body is taking less of a beating, and he’s been able to spend much more time with Becky Lynch than he would have otherwise during her pregnancy.

Of course the conversation moves on to Becky Lynch from there, because sorry Seth, but she’s the star of the show. Rollins is asked for an update on her, and here is his response:

“She’s great. She’s doing really well. Our due date is fast approaching, which is crazy to think about. We’ll be parents here pretty soon. But yeah, she’s great. She’s doing awesome. I’m sure she’s ready to get back to work though, just like we all are. But yeah, it’s been a trip, and she’s been handling it amazingly. She’s been so so incredible through the whole pregnancy.”

This is the part where we can choose to read way too much into Seth’s words about Becky. The phrase “she’s ready to get back to work” doesn’t exactly sound like someone who is planning to stay away from the ring for long. Then again, being a parent for a newborn baby is a massive workload all on its own, so perhaps Seth’s comments have nothing to do with wrestling.

When do you think we’ll see Becky Lynch competing again inside a WWE ring?

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