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The Young Bucks don’t want to screw up their brains with NXT

The Young Bucks’ Twitter

Wednesday night is the best wrestling night of the week, because NXT and AEW Dynamite both present high quality products. They are competing against each other in the same time slot, which presents occasions where there is obvious counterprogramming. For example, NXT tried to combat AEW’s two night Fyter Fest event in July with their own two night Great American Bash event on the same exact dates. Triple H has stated that counterprogramming is a healthy part of competition, and those who disagree are naive.

I guess that means Triple H considers the Young Bucks to be naive. In a recent interview with Wrestling Inc, Matt and Nick Jackson said they are too busy with Dynamite to bother thinking about NXT, and sometimes they forget NXT even exists:

Nick: When you’re in the thick of things and you’re in the middle of it all, you don’t even think about it....we’re so involved with every detail, like every little thing that’s going on on Dynamite, that it’s hard to even think about the other show, like at all.

Matt: I forget that they have shows. You know what I mean? I often forget ‘cause I’m so tunnel-visioned in our own product that I’m like, ‘Oh yeah that’s right, there’s another show tonight. That’s right.’

Nick: And that’s the mentality of Dynamite and AEW, is we never wanted to know what that show is doing because we feel like if we do know, then it might screw up our brains and our minds on how we book things as well. So we never have wanted to get caught up in any of that.

So far the results have worked out very well in the ratings for Dynamite, but I suppose time will tell if this approach eventually bites them in the ass.

It’s clear that many folks in AEW enjoy taking shots at WWE, including the Young Bucks themselves. Maybe it doesn’t require paying attention to NXT to blast some of those tee-balls right out of the park.

Do you believe that the Young Bucks are exaggerating to some extent here, or do they genuinely not pay any attention to their NXT competition on Wednesday nights?

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