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The Bellas address their timeline for a comeback

Like good pro wrestlers, the Bella Twins started teasing a comeback almost as soon as they’d announced their retirement.

As they were promoting the new season of Total Bellas, they again dropped some hints. Then Nikki’s husband Artem Chigvintsev added fuel to the fire with comments to US Weekly about his wife & Brie having “talks” about a return to WWE.

The topic came up again today when the WWE Hall of Famers appeared on Tamron Hall. The explained to Hall that they still want to be Women’s Tag champs, but that’s not happening in the short term:

Brie: When Nikki and I left, the Tag Team titles came and we were like, wait a second, those titles are for the Bella twins, how’d they come after us? So Nikki and I said we definitely have one more last run in us. It’s not anytime soon. We’d kind of like to do it in a couple years is what we’re feeling because we’d like our boys to be two and watch us.

Nikki: That would be the dream to see them ringside as we compete.

Brie: But on the Bella’s bucket list, it’s to go for those tag titles so it’s definitely, we hope, in our future.

Nikki: We both felt like our last run, we’re like, that’s not what we want to end on, like our careers officially. We just have that one more left in us.

The Fearless One goes on to say she’d consider a solo comeback, which is interesting because given her history of neck issues, Nikki is the twin fans are most concerned about taking bumps again.

We’ll see. Sounds like we have time to worry about it.

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