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RETRIBUTION might be recruiting Braun Strowman

On the Nov. 16 Raw, RETRIBUTION picked up a win over the red brand’s men’s Survivor Series team while RECKONING sent a message to the women’s division by taking out Dana Brooke. When the group “took over” the WWE Twitter account and used the service’s new Fleets function to post some really good promos two days later, it looked like the gimmick might be turning a corner.

Then WWE didn’t mention them on Survivor Series or the fallout episode of Raw.

So what do you do when the company you’re trying to destroy won’t get behind you? RETRIBUTION went back to where they’ve had the most success - social media.

And really, Braun Strowman’s angry tweet reacting to his storyline suspension really does line up nicely with Mustafa Ali’s mission statement. Which is why T-BAR alerted his boss:

Why not? Strowman has fallen pretty far since crowds were popping for his feats of strength against Roman Reigns a couple years ago. A lot of people have to be reminded he was actually Universal champ for much of 2020. If the attack on Adam Pearce that led to his suspension was a turn, it would be his second one in the last three months.

He needs a direction. If that direction is to give some literal and figurative weight to Ali & company’s efforts, I say “might as well.” Even if not, it reminded me RETRIBUTION exist. So well done T-BAR.

Let us know what you say about a Strowman/Ali alliance... and offer suggestions for Braun’s RETRIBUTION name.

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