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WWE NXT results, live blog (Nov. 25, 2020): WarGames advantage ladder match


Here's a place to check results and comment along with the newest episode of WWE NXT, airing live in its regular Wednesday night at 8PM Eastern time slot on USA Network.

Check out our Wednesday morning preview post to get caught up on what's been happening, and what we expect this week.

Advertised for tonight, live from the Capitol Wrestling Center: A member of Undisputed ERA will face Pete Dunne of Pat McAfee’s Kings of NXT in a ladder match for the advantage in their upcoming WarGames! Plus, captain Candice LeRae battles likely Team Shotzi team member Ember Moon, Kevin Owens returns to do some commentating (and welcome North American champ Leon Ruff to The KO Show), Kushida battles Timothy Thatcher, Rhea Ripley speaks, and more!

Come right back here at 8 p.m. ET when the NXT live blog kicks off once the show starts on USA. It will be below this line here.

REMINDER: Please keep GIFs and pics to a minimum. They slow down updates and refreshes for some of your fellow community members.

Enjoy the show!


The WarGames set-up from last week is recapped, and Vic Joseph welcomes us to the CWC. The Poison Pixie and her heater are in the ring even before he can introduce KO, doing his best CM Punk impersonation with a blazer and tie over a t-shirt. Beth Phoenix rounds out the announce trio via satellite as usual.

Candice LeRae vs. Ember Moon

Indi Hartwell is with LeRae, and Moon goes at Hartwell before the bell. Ember is furious, which cause Candice to huddle with Indi in the corner, but Moon dropkicks LeRae into her heater, knocking her off the apron. It looks like a Hartwell distraction will allow LeRae to get in a cheap shot (or slide), by Ember catches her and slams her face first off the desk. In the ring, Candice tries a crossbody but gets caught for a fallaway slam and a two count. LeRae tries to escape up the ramp but the former NXT Women’s champ drags her back to the ring.

They trade pinning predicaments, then Ember nails a kick to the mush for another nearfall. Candice blocks a suplex and gets two with a small package, then levels Ember with a clothesline. Back and forth, and Moon almost ends it again when she catches a kick and turns it into a suplex, then slides out of the ring to hit an enziguri from the floor. But she’s distracted by Dakota Kai and Raquel Gonzalez appearing on stage. They surround the ring with Indi as we go split screen for commercials.

The threat of heel numbers lets LeRae take control. She’s working a chin lock when we go full screen, and we see a replay of a Candice sliding kick that sent Moon facefirst into the barricade. Headscissor takedown and LeRae transitions into the Garag-No Escape, but Ember rolls her over and gets two to force her to break the hold, but Candice goes right into a sleeper... but Moon does a backdrop and flattens LeRae! Kick combo from Ember, then a hip attack and a running forearm. A pair of suplexes rock LeRae, then Moon climbs for the Eclipse, but Kai & Gonzalez jump on the apron. The ref deals with them and Hartwell shoves LeRae to safety, then takes the Eclipse. Candice springs up to hit Wicked Stepsister and that’s it.

Candice LeRae def. Ember Moon via pinfall

The heels surround Ember, but her comes Toni Storm! They regroup on the ramp and head to the ring, but Storm decks Moon! She throws her into the ring steps, then throws her to the wolves! A smiling Toni backs up the ramp as Kai & Gonzalez stomp Ember down.

Undisputed ERA roll into the building as we go to a break.

Before we check with that group, we see Legado Del Fantasma are lounging. Santos Escobar puts over how he promised they’d take the Cruiserweight title to the main show, and it was defended on TakeOver for the first time ever. They run down all the challengers they’ve dealt with, and mock new #1 contender Curt Stallion. The champ says that when they say they’ll do something, it gets done.

As the ERA enters, we cut to Pat McAfee on his show today saying he won’t be here tonight, but he will enjoy watching Pete Dunne kick some ass and get the WarGames advantage tonight.

Adam Cole on the mic. He asks is they look dead? McAfee’s been saying he took over, but they’re still here. Cole’s sorry Pat isn’t here tonight, but he’s a coward. He talks about how he kicked McAfee’s head off last week, and he can’t wait until he’s looked in WarGames with him in two weeks. Kyle O’Reilly and Roderick Strong talk about how much fun last week was. But Cole says they have to focus on tonight. O’Reilly says that after Halloween Havoc, he needs to face Dunne tonight. Cole is for it, and so are Roddy and Bobby Fish. In fact, he loves it... an angry KOR. The ERA is already a force in WarGames, but no one’s faced an angry ERA before and that’s what McAfee and his goons are getting. And that is Undisputed.

McKenzie Mitchell catches up with Candice, Dakota & Raquel backstage. She asks Mitchell to give them a moment, then asks Kai & Gonzalez if they’re in. They say they are, so LeRae turns and introduces McKenzie to her WarGames team... Dakota, Raquel and... Toni Storm. Storm says she promised we’d see a different Toni when she returned...

The Garganos pitch us some merch. Johnny knows a guy, and he gives us a Black Friday code for deals.

Timothy Thatcher vs. Kushida

Before we can start, Tommaso Ciampa shows up on stage with a steel chair. This throws Thatcher off, but Ciampa unfolds it and sits down so the match can begin.

A grappling exchange gets neither man an advantage, so they start swinging. Thatcher puts Kushida down with a belly-to-belly, and grabs a heel hook. We see Tommaso smiling at the events in the ring, then Kushida reverses the hold and bridges over, but he can’t get his hands under Thatcher’s chin. The bigger man reverses, but gets knocked flat with a drop kick. He heads to the apron. Kushida tries for a springboard move, but gets caught and Thatcher hooks his calf over the rope. He holds it until the break and the Japanese Superstar is writhing in pain as we go to commercial.

He’s getting the better of a striking exchange when we return, but both men are wearing down. Thatcher gets a submission, but can’t hold it and Kushida is able to stomp him down. He works for the Hoverboard Lock, but Thatcher keeps his hands together to block the hold. The American grabs an arm himself, and they begin countering back and forth. Thatcher works for a choke, but Kushida snaps the arm. They fall into the ropes and Thatcher hits the ground hard. Thatcher is bleeding from the nose and stops to stare at Ciampa. Kushida with a soccer kick but he runs into an uppercut. Ciampa stands up, distracting Thatcher when the chair drops. That opens the door for Kushida to slap back on the Hoverboard Lock.

Kushida def. Timothy Thatcher via submission

Ciampa looks at the camera and asks if we think Thatcher has a problem with him now.

Rhea Ripley and Io Shirai’s classic from last week gets a video package where the two warriors talk about their showdown. The ringside doctor talks about how beat up they are. Ripley says she doesn’t like Io, but she respects her. She also doesn’t know where she goes from here. The Nightmare is here to address the rumors later.

The KO Show is next.

First, Mitchell catches up with McAfee’s team. Dunne says he say what Kyle did to Finn Balor, but if he’d done it, he’d put Finn out for two years, not two months. Oney Lorcan says that the ERA has never lost a WarGames advantage match, but Pete is gonna change that tonight. Danny Burch agrees, and Dunne says they’re gonna end Undisputed.

Owens welcomes us back to the arena. He mentions how he was back for WarGames last year and he’s back tonight to commentate. Basically, anytime NXT asks him to be here, he will be. Then he brings out his guest... North American champ Leon Ruff!

An excited champ enters the ring, and Owens says he knew he was coming back, but after watching Leon the last couple weeks, he knew he had to give him a chance to tell his story. Ruff says he’s always dreamed of being a WWE Superstar, and it blows his mind he went from signing his contract seven weeks ago to winning the title. KO shows the clip of the belt falling off his waist, and Ruff says it was embarrassing. Owens says the same thing happened to him when he won the NXT championship - he was too svelte. Leon laughs and puts over KO. The belt is a “yes” for every “no” he’s ever heard. He wants to be an inspiration to people like him. Owens hears him, but he says he needs to say it with conviction, because if people backstage sense weakness. Ruff puffs up, boasting about how he beat Johnny Gargano twice.

Kevin is shaking his head, because anytime someone says someone’s name on this show, they show up. Sure enough, her comes Johnny. He’s furious, and wants to know if this is a prank show. KO gets him a chair that he throws out of the ring. KO gets another one, and Gargano says he said he doesn’t want a chair. Owens says it’s not for him, and before long Johnny mentions Damian Priest helping Ruff, and sure enough, the Archer of Infamy shows up. Owens offers him a chair, but Priest is good. He taunts Johnny for losing to Ruff twice, and Johnny goes after Leon, saying he can’t beat him one-on-one. Priest mentions he’s never had a rematch for the NA belt. Owens says if only NXT had a Teddy Long to come out and make a Triple Threat. Sure enough (after a delay) General Manager William Regal shows up and books it for TakeOver. He even throws in a “playa”.

Pre-tape promo from Finn. Last week he came back and set the stage for war. He’ll be ready for whoever wins. Anyone who has a problem, he ain’t hard to find. That champion works Wednesdays.

Another WarGames promo from Shotzi Blackheart’s welding garage, then Grimey is here.

Cameron Grimes vs. Jake Atlas

Fast-paced start and each man lands some shots. Jake tries for an arm and gets grabbed for a German that gets Grimes two. Cameron stomps away in the corner, but Atlas grabs the ropes on a whip and lands some kicks. Takedown with a bridge for two. German followed by a forearm gets another nearfall for Atlas. Back on their feet they trade shots. Grimes hits a standing Spanish Fly, then the Cave-In ends it.

Cameron Grimes def. Jake Atlas

To the moon celebration, but Dexter Lumis appears behind Grimes. He stumbles up the ramp, and Dexter points to the screen for a combination of hid art and video from the Haunted House match. Then he throws a strap at Grimes and stares. Cameron says he won’t get him strapped, but I think you can tell where this is headed.

Ripley is on her way to the ring as we head to commercial.

But first, faceless interviewer guy catches up to Grimes. He ignores him, but can’t ignore Mr. Regal. He books a strap match for WarGames. Grimey asks why the GM hates him so much, and Regal says it’s probably his personality.

Straight to the ring where Rhea has a mic. She talks about how Io is one of the toughest competitors she’s ever faced. Because of the hug after the match, everyone’s been asking her if that was a send-off. But it was just about respect. She’s not going anywhere, and she’s still coming for the Women’s title.

Rhea is cut off by Candice LeRae, though, who’s with Toni Storm. LeRae says Io stole two victories from her, but Io beat Ripley by herself. As Candice is talking, Dakota Kai & Raquel Gonzalez come out with the champ over Gonzalez’s shoulder! The Nightmare takes the fight right to the heels, but the numbers game gets her. They bounce her around in the ring, with Raquel throwing her old rival from post to post. LeRae’s team heads out, and poses over Io on the ramp as Ripley writhes in pain in the ring.

Back from a break, a frazzled looking Boa and Xia Li are loaded in a car. They wonder where they’re going, and the mysterious man sends them into a garage. They beg foregiveness from a faceless figure. She gestures, and he marks both their hands with black symbols. We see her eyes and that’s that.

Ever-Rise vs.

We never find out, because Zack Gibson & James Drake hit the ring. The Grizzled Young Veterans kick Chase Parker and Matt Martel. Gibson does his spiel to announce they’re back.

Mitchell tracks down LeRae as she’s leaving (with Indi, who’s in a neck brace). She says she’s sent a message to anyone who’s stupid enough to join Shotzi’s team. Next week they’ll make it even more clear when Blackheart faces Raquel in a ladder match for the advantage. Johnny Gargano shows up to say he brought the car around. He’s excited because the Power Couple are both going to win at TakeOver. He gets in the driver’s seat to drive away, and we see a second Ghostface in the back seat!

Pete Dunne vs. Kyle O’Reilly

They start trading blows before Dunne is done entering. Pete gets rid of his furry vest and heads outside as we take a break.

When we return, they trade big shots off the apron. O’Reilly goes for a ladder after sending Dunne into the fence, but gets his fingers stomped by the Bruiserweight. Kyle fights off a suplex onto the ladder and heads inside to climb, but Dunne catches up and spins him down. The ladder falls on him. After some offense, Pete traps KOR under the ladder and climbs, but Kyle recovers and whips Dunne’s leg into the rungs and then hangs a leg bar through the ladder!

Pete tries to flip out of a whip into the corner but can’t land on the bad leg. But he can powerbomb O’Reilly onto the ladder draped in the corner! The recoil sends him all the way across the ring to wear the ladder is draped from apron to barricade, but he fights out of another suplex there with another dragon screw leg whip in the ropes. The battle continues, and Dunne gets control to suplex KOR through the ladder! We go PiP as both men are down.

The former NXT UK champ sets up a ladder in the ring and starts climbing, but O’Reilly catches up to him. Dunne punches him down and lowers the ladder, then snaps Kyle’s fingers and just as we return to full screen, he smashes his left hand in the ladder!

Dunne gets a chair, but O’Reilly stops him from using it. He strikes it with his injured arm though! He goes for a guillotine, but can’t keep it in with his wounded arm. He powerbombs Dunne onto a ladder, then climbs for a knee drop, but Pete evades and Kyle gets nothing but metal... OWWW! This is nuts. Back in, they’re brawling under a ladder. Dunne grabs the hand and eats a knee for it, but Pete doesn’t let go of the hand. They pull each other into the ladder multiple times until a knee knocks Dunne down and sends the ladder crashing on top of him.

Both men climb, and they trade punches at the top. Dunne straddles the top and kicks Kyle down, but he climbs again a snaps the arm over his shoulder. Pete snaps the fingers and O’Reilly bails out, but bounces off the ropes to knock Dunne off the ladder. A huge clothesline turns the Bruiserweight inside out! He climbs, but here comes Dunne with a chair. He hits in the knee! Pete climbs, but O’Reilly catches up and pushes him down off a ladder tilted over in the corner! Kyle slowly climbs, but here comes a masked, hooded figure. He pushes O’Reilly over into the announce desk! Pete recovers as his anonymous helper disappears up the ramp.

Pete Dunne def. Kyle O’Reilly to secure the entry advantage for WarGames

The ERA comes down to check on O’Reilly as Lorcan & Burch celebrate with a smirking Dunne on the ramp.

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