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Undertaker’s Cameos are a wild ride

The personalized Cameo messages from The Undertaker people paid $1000 a pop for are out in the wild (embedded above*), and they are something else.

You can’t laugh at some of them. If the gravelly voice of Mark Calaway’s undead mortician & MMA fighter inspires someone to persevere and motivates them to overcome a challenge - that’s awesome! It’s still weird to see Taker give pep talks in character, though.

Some you’re supposed to laugh at. And I’m gonna be judgmental about them a bit, too. If you pay a grand to have one of WWE’s most iconic stars call you or one of your friends “All Elite Scooby Doo” (at the 6:50 mark)? You should probably expected a few people to judge you.

For my money - which is a lot less than $1000 - the perfect combination of hilarious and sweet is at 8:30. It starts with the words “Hello Granny,” but I’ll let you experience the rest for yourself... except to say that I’m not sure I want a message from any undertaker for my 91st birthday, but I’m glad Bryan Alvarez’s grandmother did.

Let us know which ones you find the most inspiring, hilarious or both. And always remember, “it wouldn’t be a Christmas without a Rest... In... Peace.... hrmm.”

* One Cameo repeats at 3:27. Otherwise, the entire video is individual messages.

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