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Braun Strowman ‘suspended indefinitely’

The victorious men of Team Raw were each given a chance to state their case for a WWE title shot championship opportunity last night (Nov. 23). Braun Strowman wasn’t happy all his teammates got to talk before him... or something. So when his turn came, he headbutted de facto authority figure Adam Pearce.

Braun was sent home as a result (and Pearce said “McInfart,” but that’s a different story). So he missed out on the subsequent #1 contender Triple Threat qualifying matches.

Now, the monster among men could miss more than that... WWE’s announced he’s SUSPENDED INDEFINITELY:

WWE Digital has learned that Braun Strowman has been suspended indefinitely for putting his hands on WWE official Adam Pearce.

Strowman took exception with Pearce’s plan for awarding a WWE Championship opportunity and lashed out at the WWE official. Stay tuned to WWE digital and social platforms for, as the situation continues to develop.

Pearce said last night that were it up to him, Strowman would be fired for giving him those hands. But, perhaps humbled by the aforementioned “McInfart” incident, the five time NWA World champ isn’t feeling as strongly in the wake of the suspension news:

Rumor has it Strowman is under consideration for a match with WWE champ Drew McIntyre at TLC on Dec. 20, so it’s possible all this is just a smoke screen. Or maybe they’ve changed plans?

We’ll find out next week!

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