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Three theories on why Adam Pearce said ‘Drew McInfart’ on national television

WWE’s YouTube

Talking is hard, even when you don’t have to do it on national television. I mispronounce stuff and have slips of the tongue all the time, and I’m usually just talking to myself. Sometimes my family’s around, but they stopped listening to me a long time ago.

Anyway, point is - I’m not here to ridicule five-time NWA World champion and WWE producer Adam Pearce for his verbal botch on Raw last night (Nov. 23). But I’m not gonna not laugh about it either. My man called Drew McIntyre “Drew McInfart”.


Sorry, had another fit of giggles when I typed it. Here’s the clip:


Gonna need a minute again. I have the brain of a 12 year old. It’s probably why my family stopped listening to me.

Okay. The real question is - how does Pearce stumble in this specific way? Saying “McIntart” or “McInfire” would be understandable. But “McInfart”?

I have three theories:

  1. Charly Caruso (or possibly Bobby Lashley or Randy Orton, who interrupted Caruso’s attempt to interview Pearce during the broadcast) farted and Pearce can’t take his mind off it.
  2. Pearce himself really has to fart and is preoccupied with holding it in.
  3. He’s selling the bruised skull and likely underlying concussion Braun Strowman gave him in Raw’s opening segment.

Pearce saying “McInfart” is included in WWE’s YouTube clip recapping the segments where he announces the #1 contender plan, which either means my third theory is correct, or Vince McMahon & I share the same pre-teen sense of humor.

It’s probably the latter.

At least Pearce has a good sense of humor about it, as demonstrated in this tweet which may lend some credence to theory 3:

Let us know which theory you subscribe to, or present an alternative, in the comments below. And let us know if you think Pearce will ever live the “McInfart” incident down.

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