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WWE Survivor Series 2020 results, recap, reactions: Rest in Peace

Sometimes the easiest way is the best way.

Many years have passed and many a crowd have lent their live reaction to so many incredible moments. Unfortunately, it’s 2020, and that means nothing is normal and we can’t have nice things.

Undertaker debuted at Survivor Series on November 22, 1990. I started watching WWF (VINCE SAID IT I CAN SAY IT NOW) in 1998 as a 7 year old, and The Undertaker was one of the most memorable characters to me. Taker was one of the characters I remember actually watching on television.

I walked away from wrestling right before WCW was bought out, and returned in 2012, the night after WrestleMania 28. I was introduced to Ziggler, Swagger, Santino Marella, Cody Rhodes, Daniel Bryan, Sheamus, CM Punk, and Brock Lesnar. All these new people, I felt out of place, but enjoyed the show.

All of a sudden, I saw a still image from WrestleMania of Shawn Michaels, Triple H, and Undertaker. My eyes widened. I remember saying “Hey! That’s Undertaker! He’s still here!” As a casual fan coming back, I got into wrestling again without him but I always waited in anticipation for him.

WrestleMania XXX. I bought the Network and it was the first pay-per-view I had seen since the 90’s. And then that moment. I sat on my couch in disbelief. I couldn’t speak, and my jaw was probably as low as everyone you saw in the crowd, as well as yours may have been if you saw that moment live.

After that, I started to become a more “internet” fan and was more involved here on cSs and Twitter (follow me @BigMoneyDrew cheap plug) and that molded me into the fan I am today. I was upset when Roman Reigns beat him and thought he was done, but Saudi kept calling and I wasn’t a fan of him continuing to come out, especially after Goldberg. Sheesh.

It’s fitting that the last match of Undertaker’s career is the epic Boneyard match. That was a fitting way to end it all. I can put away all of the things I disliked and focus on the legendary run this man had. And by the way, the Paul Bearer hologram got the tears going.

Thank you to the man behind this iconic character. You gave this writer a lot of fond memories.

Big fight feel

What a big fight feel this one had.

This was Reigns’ first opponent since returning at SummerSlam that could match his intensity blow for blow. Yes, even more so than Braun.

Reigns was outright mauling McIntyre throughout the match, with some vicious elbows and even pulling McIntyre by his hair. But Drew didn’t back down and launched Roman over his head with such force. Even Roman got the better of him, he still was able to keep fighting.

Roman finally got the Superman punch but Drew was still able to launch Roman again. Drew countered a spear with a submission! Wow that was really cool looking. Roman broke it up but put Drew through the announce desk, speared him through the barricade, and still Drew kicked out at 2.9! Roman speared Drew again and Drew kicked out again.

And then the shenanigans. Drew Claymore kicked Roman into the referee, Jey Uso got involved and Roman locked in the Guillotine after low blowing Drew, and Drew finally fell.

It was the only way this match would end when it did, and Roman knew it. That’s why he embraced Jey on the stage. Jey saved his ass. Or at least saved Roman from having to deal with Drew for another 20 minutes, because he was not giving up for anything.

Best part of this was NO MIZ CASH IN! My heart was in my throat waiting for his music to play. This was one of the best matches in Drew’s championship tenure. He looked great in defeat, too. I wonder how this affects him going forward. Really hope that this leads him to take more serious challengers.

Lana is the best! Lana number one!

A bulk of this was to show us that Nia absolutely loves to bully Lana. In fact, all of team Raw now likes to bully Lana. It’s as if there’s no brand supremacy heels and faces working together stuff existing here.

Lana tagged herself in and the whole team was trying to get her to get out of the ring, even as she was doing fairly well against Natalya. They forced her to tag out and Nia and Shayna made her stand on the steps in their corner. The biggest shock of the match was Bayley getting pinned by Peyton Royce to be the first woman out. Totally did not see that coming.

After that, Raw and SmackDown traded pins so that already made this better than the men’s match, which we’ll discuss next. Lacey Evans hit a really great looking Spanish Fly. Shayna and Nia gelled really well and even helped each other out by stopping SmackDown from interfering in their pins.

And then the final woman for SmackDown was Bianca! And she showed the insane strength she has by picking up Shayna while she was in the Kirifuda Clutch and got to the bottom rope by collapsing onto it. Shayna didn’t let it go and the ref disqualified her. Then Nia tried to keep Bianca from getting back in the ring and both of them were counted out.

The sole survivor - Lana. And that’s exactly how everyone predicted it. Lana celebrated in the ring as Nia was irate on the outside and I was screaming to my computer “RUN! GET OUT OF THERE!” but they just went to commercial. That was a much more entertaining traditional Survivor Series match. Thinking about all of this, I preferred the count out to protect Bianca. She was incredible in this match and I really hope she gets a push.

Did anyone look good after this match? You could argue it really was Bianca’s shining moment on the main roster. It didn’t elevate anyone else in my eyes. We know Lana’s getting her ass beaten by Nia after this because, why wouldn’t she keep bullying her?

Clean sweep

Rollins proclaimed that for the greater good, he needed to be sacrificed. Rollins, representing SmackDown for the first time in his career, just allowed Sheamus to kick his head off and pin him. Brand supremacy! Lee and Otis had themselves a beef on beef moment here. Would have been a really cool Big E moment. Would have preferred that.

Owens was then eliminated after giving everyone Stunners, and Riddle quickly eliminated Corbin. At this point it was 5-2 Raw. Up to this point, SmackDown never went to save one of their men from getting pinned while Raw always took advantage of that.

And then Jey was the last man for the blue brand. Alrighty then. Superkick party commenced, and Jey almost was able to get Styles out, but Jordan interfered on his behalf. And then Keith Lee sent Jey packing for a clean sweep for Raw.

I… don’t know what the point was of that. Rollins’ elimination made the most sense, and you could immediately tell that he was going to be the first out. Lest we forget that Raw was fighting with each other up until last Monday. SmackDown looks really weak after this embarrassing loss. KO and Otis were the freshest going into this, and while they had a few moments (keyword here because that’s quintessential WWE) they fell to a team that all fought with opponents and each other just 6 days ago.

Which one of these SmackDown stars looks credible now, and why should we care? Neither of them, to be honest. And that’s why I’m now okay with Big E not being there. He may be one of the only credible singles dudes on the show.

The Rest

Street Profits def. New Day - Street Profits showed excellent synergy with each other after New Day brought their tweener A-game. Montez Ford was incredible. He caught Kofi after a big dive that could have looked scary, and he got so much air on the frog splash and sold it like death. New Day were playing a bit into their heelish tendencies and I think it really worked here. Before Reigns vs. McIntyre, this was my match of the night. Watch this one, folks.

Sasha Banks def. Asuka - The ferocity from both women was great in this match. You could feel the heat between them from what happened over the summer. There’s no love between these two. Asuka looked like she just pulled it off after a really nasty looking double knee through the ropes, but Sasha just kicked out. They traded pinfalls including a really nice backslide, but Sasha was able to get the best of Asuka. Really nice to finally see Sasha slay this dragon she hadn’t been able to slay in her career, the proper way. There was that one count out victory but eh, wasn’t the best way to do it.

Bobby Lashley def. Sami Zayn - Sami claimed conspiracy, and he got it! The Hurt Business surrounded the ring and really were an intimidating force. MVP took advantage of the referee being caught up with the rest of his crew and tripped Sami and threw him in the ring. Wasn’t a bad match.

A bulk of this review became a thank you Undertaker post but that was a send-off I needed to get off my chest. By the way, happy 30th to the Gobbledy Gooker too, a now 1 time 24/7 champion! Roman and Drew had the match of the damn night, y’all. I’m very interested in seeing the fallout on Raw. Give me a serious, brooding Drew. I want him reflecting on this loss and angry about it. The dud of the show was the men’s Survivor Series match.

Raw won the bragging rights this year, including Miz’s battle royal win on the pre-show.

Grade: B+

What were your thoughts, Cagesiders?

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