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The Miz wins Survivor Series battle royal


WWE got Survivor Series ... ahem ... kicked off tonight (Sun., Nov. 22, 2020) from the ThunderDome at Amway Center in Orlando, Florida, with a battle royal featuring members of the Monday Night Raw and Friday Night SmackDown roster.

The match was filled with all the names who had nothing else to do with their evening, but most of them were eliminated in relatively short order and there wasn’t much of a story for any of them until we got down to the final members.

That would be The Miz, Dominik Mysterio, and Chad Gable.

Mysterio battled it out with Miz, seemingly eliminating him from the match to duke it out with Gable. Then, after those two went back-and-forth, Dominik sent Gable out and celebrated as though he won the match. However, as it turned out, Miz was never actually eliminated, as he went over the top rope but reestablished himself by rolling back in the ring under the bottom rope. He was dropkicked out from there but it wasn’t an official elimination.

So, naturally, he ran back in and took advantage of the celebrating Dominik to eliminate him and win the match.

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