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WWE Survivor Series 2020 results: Lana wins it for Raw by doing virtually nothing

Nia Jax put Lana through the announce table nine times in the build to Survivor Series on Sun., Nov. 22. In case you didn’t get the message that Jax doesn’t like Lana, she & her WWE Women’s Tag Team championship partner Shayna Baszler told the other members of Team Raw not to tag the Ravishing Russian into their elimination tag match tonight.

Team SmackDown seemed to be in a little more harmony. Bianca Belair, Natalya & the Riott Squad didn’t seem enthused with Bayley naming herself captain, but they weren’t too bothered by it. The captain led by example, starting the match with Lacey Evans and isolating her in the blue corner.

The action ebbed and flowed until Lana slapped Nia’s shoulder to enter the match. All of her teammates started screaming for her to tag back out, and she eventually would when she had control of Natalya. Before Peyton Royce came in, Jax & company berated Lana, telling her to spend the rest of the bout on the steps and out of the way.

With Lana fighting off tears, the match continued to a crazy spot where Royce superplexed Bayley on the other seven competitors at ringside!

Peyton brought SmackDown’s captain in for Deja Vu and eliminated her! The Aussie’s run didn’t last long though, as Nattie made her tap to a Sharpshooter moments later. A Woman’s Right from Evans got rid of the B.O.A.T.

Some big spots followed, but it took a Kirifuda Clutch, interference by Jax and a distracted referee before we got another elimination when Baszler pinned Riott. Morgan got revenge for her teammate by pinning Evans with a Crucifix Bomb. Liv was fired up, but not fired up enough to avoid being pinned by Jax after a Samoan Drop.

The EST was alone against the champs (and technically Lana), and held her own. She powered her way to the ropes while in Shayna’s submission finisher, and when the Queen of Spades didn’t break the hold at five, made it 1 vs. 2 via disqualification.

An enraged Nia went to put the still unconscious Belair through the announce desk, but Bianca fought out and both women went over the barricade. The EST scrambled to beat the ten count, but couldn’t. Both women were eliminated.

Which means that, by doing virtually nothing, Lana was the sole survivor.

Not sure how this helped anyone, but it’s a thing that happened.

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