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WWE Survivor Series 2020 results, live streaming match coverage

WWE Survivor Series is all set to pop off tonight (Sun., Nov. 22, 2020) from the ThunderDome at Amway Center in Orlando, Florida at 7:00 pm ET, live on the WWE Network. You may also be able to watch this on pay-per-view (PPV) if your cable provider is carrying the event. will provide LIVE blow-by-blow, match-by-match coverage of Survivor Series below, beginning with the first match of the evening and right on through to the main event.

Kick your off your shoes, relax, and enjoy all the action with your favorite pro wrestling website. And remember to keep refreshing! Note: To get in on the conversation on this show, visit our open thread here.


  • Roman Reigns def. Drew McIntyre
  • Team Raw (Jax, Baszler, Royce, Evans, Lana) def. Team SmackDown (Bayley, Natalya, Riott, Morgan, Belair)
  • R-Truth def. Akira Tozawa
  • Akira Tozawa def. Gobbledygooker
  • Sasha Banks def. Asuka
  • Bobby Lashley def. Sami Zayn
  • The Street Profits def. The New Day
  • Team Raw (Styles, Sheamus, Strowman, Riddle, Lee) def. Team SmackDown (Owens, Uso, Corbin, Rollins, Otis)
  • The Miz wins the Cross Brand Battle Royal
  • Gobbledygooker def. R-Truth


There’s a brand new dance but I don’t know its name, that people from bad homes do again and again. It’s big and it’s bland full of tension and fear, they do it over there but we don’t do it here, and I for one liveblog this here pro wrestling show, myself.

Tonight’s preshow panel consists of Charly Caruso, Jerry “the King” Lawler, Booker T, John “Bradshaw” Layfried, and Peter Rosenberg, They do preshow business for a preshow length of time, with a lot of focus on the alleged final farewell of the Undertaker.

I went to the bathroom and came back to find I missed the Gobbledygooker winning the 24/7 Championship, so there’s that.

Dual-Brand Battle Royal

Chaos and brawling from the jump, as you’d expect. Dominik Mysterio eliminates John Morrison early, Kalisto and Rey Mysterio get into it, they get cut off by the Hurt Business and Cedric Alexander eliminates Kalisto! Humberto Carrillo gets eliminated by Angel Garza after a short struggle, the Hurt Business alight on Garza and dump him in turn!

Ricochet low-bridges Alexander but he hangs in there, they trade strikes... HALF NELSON SUPLEX ON THE APRON ELIMINATES CEDRIC BUT SHELTON BENJAMIN BLASTS RICKY OFF THE APRON! Apollo Crews eliminates Benjamin, Buddy Murphy and Dolph Ziggler are the next trading shots on the apron, Murphy ducks Robert Roode, trips Dolph up but Bobby comes back and blasts him off the apron for the elimination!

Dominik eliminates Roode after, jockeying for position with Ziggler on the apron, he eliminates Dolph with a dropkick! Crews and Shinsuke Nakamura getting into it, Apollo sidesteps a charge, shoulder thrust to Elias but Kinshasa knocks him off the apron for the elimination! Jeff Hardy with basement dropkicks for Shinsuke and Elias both, catch the boot, pass Nakamura to the apron, basement dropkick eliminates the King of Strong Style!

Hardy and Elias into it in the corner, electric chair from the Drfiter, Jeff slips out, fireman’s carry puts him on the apron. Trading shots over the ropes, leg-feed solebutt eliminates Elias! Chad Gable stalking from behind, seemingly down to the final four with the Miz and Dominik Mysterio also still in the mix.

Pairing off, Hardy and Gable, Miz and Mysterio, Chad eliminates Jeff with a lariat! Skull-Crushing Finale blocked, sets him up for the 619 but he rises and drops Dom with a boot! A boot for Gable as well, the A-Lister considering his next move, calling himself the face of USA before laying boot leather into Mysterio with chest kicks!

The buzzsaw finale connects, Dominik recovers, stomps, baseball slide, Miz is eliminated! Gable tries to dump Mysterio but he stops short, back inside, off the ropes, huge belly-to-belly from the Olympian! Rolling through into a shoot-style belly-to-belly, following it up with a German suplex after! Dominik recovers, gets him on the second, 619 ducked!

Looking for Chaos Theory, Mysterio reverses... 619 CONNECTS! Gable eliminated but Miz comes back having never actually been eliminated...

The Miz wins, last eliminating Dominik Mysterio.

Backstage, King Baron Corbin lectures Kevin Owens for not being sufficiently dedicated to Team SmackDown, saying the two of them need to carry the team together. He says he’ll think about it but quickly decides not to listen to Corbin.

Billie Kay rolls up to sell Corbin on her resume for... some reason.

Back to pre-show preview business for a moment to close things out, then.

The main show kicks off with a video package about Survivor Series featuring the best of the best, set to the hit new AC/DC song, SHOOTIN’ THE DOG.

(Yes yes, I know it’s Shot in the Dark, don’t blame me for Brian Johnson’s mushmouth.)

AJ Styles makes his entrance, flanked by Big Buddy Omos.

He gets on the mic to say he won’t apologize for Team Raw’s upcoming victory, but he gets cut off by Matt Riddle making his entrance.

Team Raw (AJ Styles, Braun Strowman, Keith Lee, Matt Riddle, & Sheamus) vs. Team SmackDown (King Baron Corbin, Jey Uso, Kevin Owens, Otis Dozovic, & Seth Rollins) (Survivor Series Elimination Match)

Styles and Uso to start, the SmackDown man ramming AJ into the corner and leading to referee John Cone counting five for the break. Side headlock, shot off, leapfrog, drop down, Styles with a dropkick right on the button! Whip across, Jey pastes him in the gut with a right hand, another one to the face, duck the enzuigiri, slip under, dodge the Pele kick, cover for two!

Kip-up tijeras from the Phenomenal One, off the ropes, Uso hits a pop-up Samoan Drop! Tag to Corbin, tag to Otis, no heat segment because AJ tages Riddle in! Shoulder block takes him out, catch the leapfrog, bear hug but Matt reverses to a bodyscissors sleeper hold! Dozer out, falling headbutt off the ropes, cover for two!

Tag to Owens, stomping away at Riddle’s bare feet, elbow, knee, and leg drops to the bare leg set up an ankle lock! KO HEADBUTTS BRO’S FOOT! Matt runs away, tags Sheamus in, Owens tags out to Rollins, Seth offers himself up and Sheamus is too happy to take it...

Seth Rollins is eliminated by pinfall with a Brogue Kick from Sheamus.

Owens calls Rollins trash and Team SmackDown regroups outside briefly, Strowman tags in and blasts them, throwing Corbin inside! He yells at his teammates about working together and tags Riddle in! Cycling through, Lee on Otis now, collar and elbow HOSS FIGHT action! Side headlock, shot off, Lee with shoulder blocks on shoulder blocks but Dozer won’t fall down!

Sidestep the charge, Otis lights him up with haymakers and a belly bump to block the double chop! Overhead elbows from the Limitless One, fireman’s carry, Otis slips out and Lee drops him with an elbow! Tag to Braun, whip right into a punch to the face! Headbutt, Dozer in the corner as Braun works him over with punches and clubs him to the mat!

Tag to Styles, Otis hits a jawbreaker and tags Kevin Owens in! Lighting AJ up with chops, whip across, front kick gets a lariat! Whip across, huge back body drop and KO is rolling! Crotch chop to Team Raw, chops in the corner, whip across, Styles gets the boot up! Charging in, tilt-a-whirl backbreaker gets two!

Pop-up powerbomb ducked with a leapfrog, knocking Styles to the floor, Stunner for Keith Lee! One for Sheamus, too! And a third for Riddle! But AJ springboards back in...

Kevin Owens is eliminated by pinfall with a Phenomenal Forearm from AJ Styles.

Baron Corbin comes in, End of Days but Team Raw break the pin up! Pele kick lays Baron out, Riddle tags in...

King Baron Corbin is eliminated by pinfall with a dive from Matt Riddle.

Riddle slugging it out with Uso, shoved into the corner, boots up, Sheamus makes the tag and nails Jey with a knee strike... NOPE! Beats of the Bodhran ensue, Uso fires back with an enzuigiri and tags Otis in! Lariat, clear the apron, overhead belly-to-belly takes AJ Styles out! Discus lariat for Matt Riddle, a belly-to-belly for Keith Lee!

Sheamus off the top, Dozer catches him with a belly-to-belly suplex as well! Tearing the shirt off as Strowman tags in, off the ropes, shoulder blocks but neither budges! Big boot from Braun lays Otis out, sidestep the charge, scoop and a slam! CATERPILLAR! Headed up top, Riddle runs interference and Strowman is able to scoop Dozer up...

Otis Dozovic is eliminated by pinfall with the running powerslam from Braun Strowman.

Jey Uso the last man standing, superkicks for everybody! Uso off the ropes, big plancha wipes Team Raw out on the floor! Throwing Riddle into the steel steps, superkick for Sheamus, for Lee, back inside at John Cone’s count of eight. Strowman down and out in the corner, Ode to Rikishi blocked! Slip out of the powerslam, post the monster shoulder-first!

Styles tags in, duck a lariat, a superkick lays AJ out! Jey up top but Big Buddy Omos pulls his man out of the way! Styles with a forearm from the apron, but Uso superkicks him off the ropes! Keith Lee with a blind tag, Jey drags AJ into position, off the top, Keith catches him... SPIRIT BOMB! IT’S OVER!

Team Raw wins, last eliminating Jey Uso by pinfall with a Spirit Bomb from Keith Lee.

Post-match, Team Raw is all smiles and hugs and posing, finally on the same page.

Street Profits are backstage doing a live remix of the Undertaker’s theme song. They talk the Deadman and various other legends up and segue into how beating the New Day is going to be a big step on their way to creating their own legacy.

New Day (Kofi Kingston & Xavier Woods) vs. Street Profits (Angelo Dawkins & Montez Ford)

Woods and Dawkins to start, collar and elbow, Xavier pulls him into the corner, tag made but Angelo slips away! Collar and elbow, Dawkins pulls Kingston over, tag to Ford but now Kofi gets away! Montez in, circling, lockup, go-behind, reversed to a wristlock, side headlock. Down on one knee, shot off, shoulder block!

Off the ropes, leapfrogs, back suplex but Kingston lands on his feet, off the ropes, leapfrog, leapfrog, dropkick caught but Montez kicks him off and Kofi rolls to the floor! Back in, Ford drops him with a kick and tags Dawkins in! Double whip, double flapjack, Angelo off the ropes with a big splash... NOPE!

Boot up to block an assisted back suplex, Kofi puts Dawkins to the floor, Woods low-bridges Ford, Kingston off the ropes... TRUST FALL TOPE! XAVIER WITH A PLANCHA ON FORD! New Day have Montez isolated in the corner, working him over at length, targeting his abdomen in particular. Kofi taunts him with the red cup at one point, punting it to the floor!

Finally, Ford clears the way and tags Dawkins in! Big man like a house afire, exploder suplexes ahoy! Spinning Stinger Splashes, butterfly rolling neckbreaker... NOPE! Tag made, now isolating Woods, Honor Roll countered into an elevated German suplex... NOT ENOUGH! Assisted Shiranui... SO CLOSE! Montez legal again, Xavier slips out, shoves him into his own partner for some breathing room!

Kingston tags in, Midnight Hour... MONTEZ FORD KICKS OUT! Boom Drop, another one, a third! Dawkins gets the Sky High, tag made, Ford’s so hurt he’s slow to make the cover off the Cash Out and it’s not enough to keep Kofi down! SOS connects, Dawkins breaks it up, Woods with a missile dropkick! Kofi to his feet before Montez, tag to Xavier.

Duck Trouble in Paradise, Ford hits a Trouble in Paradise of his own but Woods catches him with a fireman’s carry gutbuster that nearly does him in! Going up top, jockeying for position, Dawkins with a tag, electric chair, blockbuster Doomsday Device... IT’S OVER!

Street Profits win by pinfall with a blockbuster Doomsday Device on Xavier Woods.

We see our women’s Survivor Series teams getting ready backstage.

Bobby Lashley vs. Sami Zayn

Zayn running away from the jump, playing things in a quite sublime manner, hiding in the ropes and so on. He leads Lashley out of the ring and jumps him with stomps when he comes back! Whip across, Bob drops him with a lariat and takes him in the corner! Sami comes back, choking Lashley over the middle rope, elbow off the second for one!

Lashley with a neckbreaker, lying in wait, charging in and he eats a boot to the face! Front chancery, Bob reverses to the delayed vertical suplex! Zayn begs off, claiming a bout of vertigo, but it’s a ruse, schoolboy for two! Lashley with the big lifting reverse STO, Sami rolls to the lfoor and finds himself surrounded by the other three members of the Hurt Business!

Zayn shoves Cedric Alexander, trying to get himself a DQ win, but Lashley comes out and takes charge, ramming Sami into the barricade! Zayn trying to run away, but Bob throws him into a barricade! Sami puts Lashley into the post and gets himself someb breathing room! In the ring, happy to take a countout but Bob returns to the ring!

Sami trying to untie a turnbuckle pad, Shelton Benjamin catches him and fixes it, Helluva Kick attempt countered into the thrust spinebuster! Zayn goes to the floor and tries to fake MVP tripping him, but Porter takes advantage of the ref’s back being turned to throw him in the ring! Bob grabs the Hurt Lock...

Bobby Lashley wins by submission with the Hurt Lock.

Post-match, Sami keeps making his case that he was tripped, but only Corey Graves believes him.

Backstage, Jimmy Uso is consoling his brother Jey as Paul Heyman and Roman Reigns come out.

Roman says he didn’t ask for excuses, Jey lost. Jimmy tries to reason with him but Reigns says he didn’t invite him here and he wants Jey to stick around. He says he lost because he can’t control his team, and that means they don’t respect him, and if they don’t respect him, they don’t respect Roman or the family.

And if he can’t make them respect the family, he doesn’t have a place at the table. Reigns says he’s tired of this and he orders Jey to go find his brother and get out of the arena because he doesn’t have time for losers, not tonight.

Asuka vs. Sasha Banks

Circling, collar and elbow, arm drag into an armbar, headscissors reversal, Banks kicks off the ropes and into a side headlock! Asuka to her feet, shot off, shoulder block, fired up! Trading shoves, hip toss blocked, into a kneeling chickenwing! Shift into a top wristlock, shift that into a cross armbar but Asuka keeps her hands clasped!

Shifting gears again, Sasha with a short armscissor this time, hanging on to it and rolling Asuka through until she can grab the Bank Statement crossface! She can’t get all of it, shifting to a crucifix pin, no dice! Fireman’s carry takeover, thinking about the Asuka Lock but Banks reverses by wrenching her fingers and hitting a shoulder armbreaker!

Lungblower connects, no crossface, cover for two and the Empress bails to the floor! Holding the rings open for the Raw champ, dropping firey elbows but Asuka dodges every one! Off the ropes, pass, running hip attack and this time the Boss bails to the floor! Back inside, incensed by Asuka’s taunting, shrugging off a waistlock but the Empress takes her down into an ankle lock instead!

Hanging onto it as Sasha tries to escape, pulling her up for a kick to the midsection, off the ropes for a sliding kick and a two-count! Kneeling armbar, stomps to the back, Banks to her feet with forearms, but she runs into the hip toss Alarm Clock knee for two! Running knee countered into a deep kneeling armbar, into a Cobra Twist, shifting it into a modified octopus hold, but Asuka walks her way to the corner to force a break!

Sasha with a boot up, slingshot tijeras sends Asuka to the apron! Off the ropes, Banks catches a kick and joins her on the apron. Kick reversed into an ankle lock, then the Empress grabs a waistlock. Jockeying for position, a boot knocks the Boss down and the hip attack sends her to the floor! Action to the floor, Asuka suplexes her onto the barricade, Sasha perches and dives right into a Codebreaker!

Back inside, cover for two, Banks gets a two count from reversing the pin, sidestep the hip attack, kick to the shoulder blades, lungblower... NOPE! Corner knees, perching on the second, boots up on the dive but she saw it coming and grabs the crossface! Asuka breaks her grip and reverses to the Asuka Lock!

To the apron briefly but Asuka brings her back in with the Codebreaker... SO CLOSE! Trading pinfall attempts at length, Banks with a kick, Asuka gets a backslide for a close two and follows it with a roundhouse kick! Off the ropes, Sasha catches her...

Sasha Banks wins by pinfall with a victory roll pin.

Commentary recaps the pre-show battle royal as well as the Gobbledygooker’s 24/7 title win, for those of you who came in late.

The Gooker is seen walking backstage and following a trail of birdseed when Akira Tozawa lights on him with a ninja referee in tow...

Akira Tozawa wins the WWE 24/7 Championship.

R-Truth appears outta nowhere...

R-Truth wins the WWE 24/7 Championship.

Team Raw (Lacey Evans, Lana, Nia Jax, Peyton Royce, & Shayna Baszler) vs. Team SmackDown (Bayley, Bianca Belair, Liv Morgan, Natalya, & Ruby Riott) (Survivor Series Elimination Match)

Evans and Bayley to start, soon Natalya comes in, working Lacey over until she gets away and tags Royce in. Cover, nope, pulling Peyton in and tagging Belair for a double-team delayed vertical suplex! Handspring moonsault for two, tag to Morgan but she gets wiped out and has to tag Riott in in short order. Royce tags Baszler in, tripping Ruby up, swinging backbreaker into a kick to the face!

Riott with a schoolboy pin for a nearfall, off the ropes, tilt-a-whirl into arm-trap punches and Shayna stumbles away to tag Jax in! Taking Nia into the corner, trying and failing to overwhelm her, Liv ends up legal and going for a sleeper hold but Jax shrugs her off! Lana with a blind tag, Morgan with a boot, countered, jackknife, bridging evasion, Lana gets a roundhouse kick!

Neidhart tags in, off the ropes, block the hip toss, Lana with a pin, reversed, no good! Front kick, into the corner, knees, front chancery, dragging Nattie into the corner and Nia tags her out and tells her to get on the steps and stay there. Baszler shoves Lana onto the steps and she stands there, lipstick smeared and blubbering.

Team SmackDown with some brand pride, Bayley locks up with Peyton and mauls her with punches! Smashing her into the corner, kicks to the ribs, snap suplex for two! Royce sends Bayley to the apron and grabs the Lotus Lock in the ropes until referee Jason Ayers counts! Bayley takes Peyton into her corner and tags Bianca in! Military press, walking her around before hitting the Snake Eyes! The match breaks down, Nia shoves the Riotts off the apron but Bayley chop blocks her and hammers her with a knee to the face! She points and laughs at Lana before Peyton nails her with a kick! Jockeying for position over the turnbuckles... SUPERPLEX TO THE FLOOR WIPES ALMOST EVERYBODY OUT!

Back inside, Royce capitalizes...

Bayley is eliminated by pinfall with Deja Vu from Peyton Royce.

Natalya legal, elbows from Royce, kicks, reverse roundhouse connects for two! Putting Nattie in the corner, she fires back with a slingshot back suplex, off the ropes, Peyton rolls through into a half-crab! Neidhart crawling, reaching, Belair gets her hand and that’s enough! Looking for a Haas of Pain but it falls apart, Sharpshooter applied...

Peyton Royce is eliminated by submission with a Sharpshooter from Natalya.

Evans comes in, headed up top, double jump moonsault but nobody’s home! Nattie picks her legs, Baszler comes in, Neidhart shifts gears and Lacey capitalizes...

Natalya is eliminated by pinfall with a Woman’s Right from Lacey Evans.

Belair in, schoolboy for two, chickenwings... GLAM SLAM! Bianca goes up top, Baszler with the distraction and Lacey cuts her off. Jockeying for position... SPANISH FLY OFF THE TOP BUT THE RIOTT SQUAD BREAK IT UP! Morgan and Jax legal, Riott tags in, gets shoved down, quick tags trying to make up the difference, chop block, cutting her down!

Bulldog into the corner, clubbing away, using their whole five seconds! Codebreaker sets the Riott Kick up but Nia makes the tag! Waistlock on Baszler, she takes Ruby into the corner and charges in with a knee strike! Sliding knee, going for the bicep stomp but Riott gets away! Elbows and boots, headed up to the second, Shayna catches her into the Kirifuda Clutch!

Ruby reverses but Ayers is distracted and doesn’t come over in time! Riott is unconscious, Baszler pins her...

Ruby Riott is eliminated by pinfall with a lateral press from Shayna Baszler.

Morgan in, fired up, lighting Evans up with strikes, charging in with an elbow, step-up double stomp, repated stomps to the chest! Up to the second, missile dropkick...

Lacey Evans is eliminated by pinfall with a crucifix driver from Liv Morgan.

Jax and Morgan no, Liv lighting her up with forearms, blasting Baszler off the apron, kick to the knee, off the ropes, float-over DDT! Shining Wizard connects, Codebreaker blocked and countered into the Samoan Drop....

Liv Morgan is eliminated by pinfall with a Samoan Drop from Nia Jax.

Belair in on Jax, up and over, handspring away, backflip over, dropkick connects, kip-up into right hands, off hte ropes, big splash but Nia gets the knees up! Scoop and a slam, off the ropes, Jax drops the leg... AND BIANCA KICKS OUT! Nia drags her up by her hair before dropping her, she goes to the second, Belair kicks her off and Baszler tags in!

Glam Slam countered, Kirifuda Clutch, countered into a back suplex! Handspring, she gets caught into the Kirifuda Clutch again! Flagging, struggling in the middle of the ring, Bianca posts to her hands and knees, rising to her feet, reaching for the ropes, step by step... SHE GETS HER ARM ON THE ROPES! Baszler uses the whole five count... AYERS DISQUALIFIES HER!

Shayna Baszler is eliminated by disqualification for refusing to break the Kirifuda Clutch at Jason Ayers’ count of five.

Jax takes Belair out to the floor to Samoan Drop her through the announce table, Belair gets away, Nia chases her, referee Jason Ayers counts...

Bianca Belair and Nia Jax are eliminated by double count-out.

As a result, Team Raw wins, with Lana as their sole survivor.

Post-match, Lana celebrates while Nia fumes.

Drew McIntyre vs. Roman Reigns

Lots of posturing early, collar and elbow, breaking when neither man can gain a real advantage! Back to the lockup, McIntyre forces Reigns into the ropes and breaks clean, earning a grin from the Big Dog. Roman with a side headlock, taking Drew down. Action intensifies, dropdown, elbow to the jaw, off the ropes, shoulder block from McIntyre!

Reigns to the floor, back inside, Drew lights him up with chops in the corner. Roman fires back a headbutt, big slicing right, raining punches down, McIntyre turns him around and returns the favor again! Whip across, back body drop to the apron and Reigns hammers him with a right before throwing him into the post and knocking him to the floor!

Following after, Roman whips him into the steel steps, taking his time. Back inside, reverse chinlock applied, trying to suffocate the WWE Champion, shifting gears to a cravate and knees, a suplex for two! Vicious forearms and short elbows, rear chinlock applied, Drew gets away briefly but Reigns lays him out with a lariat and covers him for two!

Half nelson chinlock, McIntyre gets out, trading punches, front kick, whip across, Drew with a series of lariats! Whip across, overhead belly-to-belly, Drew putting together a head of steam, jumping neckbreaker into the kip-up! Lying in wait, deciding to draw Reigns up, Future Shock blocked, Samoan Drop denied, he puts Drew into the turnbuckles and gets the Samoan Drop on the rebound!

Cover for two, McIntyre stumbling around holding his throat, Roman calls for it but Drew reverses to a spinebuster, jackknife pin... NO GOOD! Action to the floor, putting Reigns into barricade and ringpost and steel steps! Back inside, Roman cuts McIntyre off on his return and jaws at him, reminding him he’s number two.

Headbutt gets a boot, off the ropes, Superman Punch dodged, Future Shock connects... SO CLOSE! Drew lying in wait... ROMAN CUTS HIM OFF WITH THE SUPERMAN PUNCH! Guillotine choke applied but McIntyre cuts him off with a belly-to-belly suplex! Both men down and out, Roman with a spear but Drew reverses into a Kimura Lock!

Wrenching it back, but Reigns gets the ropes and to the floor! Brawling around, Samoan Drop through the announce table! Roman sitting on the apron, waiting for McIntyre to rise... SPEAR THROUGH THE BARRICADE! Back inside, cover... NOPE! Back and forth, Roman hits anothe spear... DREW KICKS OUT!

Reigns trying to figure his next step out, waiting for McIntyre to pull himself up the ropes... HE RUNS INTO A CLAYMORE BUT THE IMPACT SENDS HIM CRASHING INTO REFEREE DAN ENGLER! JEY USO IS HERE TO MAKE IT UP TO HIS CHIEF AND DREW PUNCHES HIM OFF THE APRON! Roman uppercuts Drew right in the gentleman’s area! Uso with a superkick!

Superman Punch sets up the guillotine choke as referee Jason Ayers comes down! McIntyre fires up briefly but Roman cinches it in...

Roman Reigns wins by submission with the guillotine choke.

Post-match, Roman and Jey stand together on the stage and Reigns forgives Jey for his loss earlier, bringing him back into the fold.

Undertaker’s Final Farewell

Present for Undertaker’s alleged goodbye are Shane McMahon, Big Show, John “Bradshaw” Layfield, Jeff Hardy (wearing facepaint patterned after Taker’s cross), Mick Foley, the Godfather, Henry O. Godwin AND Phineas I. Godwin, MLW superstar Savio Vega, Rikishi, Kevin Nash, Booker T, “Heartbreak Kid” Shawn Michaels, “Nature Boy” Ric Flair, Triple H, and Kane.

A video package covering the Undertaker’s career follows.

When it finishes, the ring is clear of the previously assembled superstars and Vincent Kennedy McMahon stands in the ring to get on the mic.

He puts Undertaker over for his thirty years of service in WWE and tells us we’re here to say goodbye to the Deadman and his legacy will live on eternally.


The Undertaker makes his entrance and gets on the mic.

He says he’s made that slow walk for thirty long years to lay souls to rest time and again, and now the time has come for him to rest in peace. He kneels and calls the spirit of Paul Bearer down, who appears in the ring via hologram, and rolls his eyes back. The bells toll for him while he kneels.

He makes his exit.

That’s the show, folks.

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