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That Big E singles push will start after Survivor Series, right?

When WWE made the decision to split The New Day in the most recent Draft, many took it as another sign the company was going to get behind Big E as a solo act.

He’d already been operating on his own with Xavier Woods & Kofi Kingston out with injuries. Surely leaving him on the blue brand while shipping his brothers off to Raw meant bigger things were coming E’s way.

They probably still are. But the build to Survivor Series put E on the sideline, and that was never more clear than on the go home episode of SmackDown last night (Nov. 20).

Has Large Epsilon been great hyping New Day and aggravating Kingston & Woods’ PPV opponents Street Profits every week? Hecks yeah! Who doesn’t love the E-dertaker?

But he hasn’t wrestled in more than a month, and its debatable if any of the momentum he had from winning the Sheamus feud remains at this point.

The decision to not make him a part of SmackDown’s Survivor Series team is interesting, too. E was reportedly pencilled in for the final spot last week, but when his qualifier was bumped for time, Vince McMahon & team re-considered. Now Otis got that assignment.

Maybe they don’t want to lessen E’s luster by having him be an afterthought elimination tomorrow night? Perhaps they have plans for him ready to fire up after Survivor Series, and opted to wait rather than shoehorn him into something else?

If you’re among those fantasy booking Big E as a future opponent for Universal champ Roman Reigns, you better hope so.

Let us know what you think, Cagesiders. Has the past month just been a pause on E’s push, or a sign it’s not happening?

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