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Daniel Bryan’s return, Reigns/McIntyre contract signing booked for SmackDown

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Three weeks ago, Jey Uso proved his loyalty to his Tribal Chief by kicking Daniel Bryan’s ass. WWE informed us that Uso’s assault left DB with a bruised kidney and spinal contusions.

Those have healed in about as much time as it took AJ Styles to get over being buried in a boneyard, and Bryan will look for payback when he faces Jey on SmackDown tonight. So says the just updated preview for Fri., Nov. 20.

While his cousin does that, Big Uce Roman Reigns will be focused on his Survivor Series opponent, Drew McIntyre. The Universal & WWE champions will have a contract signing for their match on Sunday’s PPV.

Why are they having a formal paperwork ceremony for their inter-brand exhibition match when Sasha Banks, Asuka, The New Day, Street Profits, Sami Zayn & Bobby Lashley aren’t? We don’t know, but we’re not gonna tell the Big Dog and a man with a giant sword that makes fire erupt from the ground “no.” Are you?

Bryan vs. Uso and the Reigns/McIntyre segment that surely won’t end in violence join the already announced Seth Rollins/Murphy match on the blue brand’s go home show.

We still don’t know how SmackDown plans to round out its elimination tag teams, either. But we’re sure Five-time NWA World Heavyweight Champion Adam Pearce will let us know tonight.

Ready for a good time?