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The Miz’s first Money in the Bank cash-in attempt is thwarted by Drew McIntyre

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Well, I’ll be damned.

After Randy Orton opened this week’s episode of Monday Night Raw with a promo declaring that he doesn’t need to go by “The Legend Killer” anymore because he’s simply a legend, he challenged anyone to come after him and his WWE championship. Naturally, Alexa Bliss showed up but she was just a distraction that ultimately benefitted ... Drew McIntyre?

Once again, Bray Wyatt paved the way for the man who just lost the title to get after the man who beat him for it. More evidence of a three-way dance? We’ll have to stay tuned for all that.

In the meantime, McIntyre laid Orton out with a Claymore that had him down for the count. The Miz hit the scene demanding a referee and the ring announcer told us he was cashing in his Money in the Bank contract. He never got the chance to do so, however, because McIntyre returned to the ring and laid both Miz and John Morrison out.

“Nobody is going to beat Randy Orton for the WWE championship except for me,” McIntyre said.

That’s one way to go about things. One would think The Miz is an easier opponent than Orton but you know what they say about pride and all that.

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