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Oh, so that’s why RETRIBUTION have dumb names and wear masks

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Here’s a promo from Mustafa Ali that actually bothers to explain it:

“I want you to imagine something. I want you to imagine being judged because of your name. I want you to imagine being mocked because of how you look. Now, I want you to imagine a man named Mustafa Ali that has given names and masks to members of RETRIBUTION so that they, too, can know how he feels; so that they, too, can be judged because of their names; they, too, can be mocked because of how they look; they, too, can see the world the way he sees it. Imagine that.”

Imagine that indeed.

The names are all terrible, and dumb, and bad, but they’re terrible, and dumb, and bad by design. They look stupid, but they look stupid by design. There is a purpose.

This is the kind of storytelling we need a whole hell of a lot more of from WWE.