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Lana isn’t the only woman in WWE who is getting a documentary this month

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WWE has released a trailer for a new documentary that will premiere on Nov. 29 on WWE Network. It’s called Liv Forever, and coincidentally enough, happens to star Liv Morgan. You can watch the trailer in the video embedded above.

Morgan hyped it up on Twitter and provided a few more details:

“For 16 months, I documented my life behind the scenes as a WWE superstar. Not everything is what it seems... but now you can finally see it all. On November 29th, you get to learn the truth and I get to LIV FOREVER”

The trailer focuses on Morgan venturing off on her own as a singles wrestler in WWE, after the Riott Squad split up. The idea is that you can follow along her journey as she tries to find herself, which is a similar theme to some of her Raw promos from earlier this year.

Will you be checking out Liv Forever on Nov. 29, after watching Lana’s documentary on Nov. 21?