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Drew McIntyre needed a giant sword, so he borrowed one from Vince McMahon

Drew McIntyre won the WWE championship earlier this week on Raw. Prior to the match, McIntyre was handed a giant sword by Sheamus, and Drew used the giant sword to cause an eruption of fire during his entrance.

But where did this giant sword really come from? It came from Vince McMahon’s personal collection of of medieval weapons, of course.

McIntyre spoke to Ryan Satin of Fox Sports about his cool new entrance:

“I’ve always wanted to incorporate the kilt and the Scottish heritage. I think it’s important.

One, I think it’s cool. I’m from Scotland and I’m proud of it.

Two, a branding perspective.

Just thinking of what separates me to the outside eyes, as opposed to just the wrestling fans who check out WWE.

I always wanted to be larger than life. And what makes me different. I’m the biggest, dark, long-haired, bearded guy on the roster. We got a bunch of them. If you don’t watch wrestling, you just kinda go, ‘Oh, those guys kinda look alike.’

What separates me, aside from being the most jacked one, is, ‘Oh, that’s the Scottish one! The Braveheart guy. I want to know more about him.’

So I thought it was important for me, heritage-wise, presentation-wise, and branding-wise, but it was never the right time.

They weren’t feeling it until recently when we had a conversation about it and once the boss gets something in his head … I was just thinking of walking out with the kilt.

Obviously he likes to take it further, and so suddenly we had the sword. Then we had the pyro. And he was very hands-on with this.

I guess I’ll let the cat out of the bag: The sword that I had is actually Vince [McMahon]’s sword.

It was gifted to him by Stephanie [McMahon] and Hunter [Paul Levesque].

I believe the conversation went, ‘We need the sword. We don’t have a sword, sir.’ …. [imitating Vince McMahon] ‘I have a sword.’

I heard that story and told him, ‘Of course you have a sword.’

Drew went on to speculate that Vince McMahon probably has every medieval weapon in a vault somewhere in his home. I’d take it a step further and assume that Vince’s personal vault also includes Rowan’s giant fake spider, the tank that Rusev and Lana used at WrestleMania 31, and Kurt Angle’s Olympic gold medals; I bet Vince was nice enough to let these performers borrow his toys at the appropriate time.

McIntyre said he wasn’t sure if his new entrance will be a weekly thing or only used on special occasions, so we’ll have to wait and see how that plays out.

The WWE champion also discusses how the table bump he took at Hell in a Cell was the worst bump of his career and caused the finishing sequence of the match to be changed. So check out the full interview over at Fox Sports on YouTube to hear all the details, and let us know in the comments below how you feel about Drew’s fancy new entrance.

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