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Andrade responds to Zelina Vega’s WWE release

It’s been almost one week since WWE announced the sudden release of Zelina Vega. The decision was made after Vega refused to comply with WWE’s take over policy regarding Twitch accounts, and it has sparked plenty of conversation about labor treatment and unionization in pro wrestling. As a result, Andrew Yang and SAG have expressed strong interest in this developing situation.

Vega’s run in WWE is most well known for her pairing with Andrade, particularly during their time in NXT. Andrade reacted to her release by posting a picture and sending her a brief message of thanks:

Vega was touched by Andrade’s gesture and offered him high words of praise:

The decision-makers in WWE somehow thought it was a good idea to break up Vega and Andrade in kayfabe not that long ago. This exchange is a reminder that WWE completely dropped the ball with these two stars on the main roster.

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