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Undertaker’s theme music is perfect for weddings

Undertaker’s entrance and theme music is an iconic part of his presentation. For thirty years now in WWE, once Taker’s grim music starts playing, you know that death is coming for whichever wrestler is nervously waiting in the ring.

It sounds like the perfect wedding music to use while the bride is walking down the aisle, right?

The video clip embedded above comes from WWE’s The Bump, and it highlights a newlywed couple who did in fact incorporate Undertaker’s theme music into their ceremony. While the couple is being interviewed about their decision, the Undertaker surprises them by joining the call. They are overwhelmed and short for words in the presence of The Phenom, who goes on to say that he might have to start using a Dark Cupid persona for these special occasions.

Check out the video and let us know in the comments below which wrestler’s entrance theme makes for the best wedding music.

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