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Zelina Vega & SAG recently had a ‘powerful conversation’

WWE Network

Earlier this week, the President of the Screen Actor’s Guild reached out to Zelina Vega in the wake of her firing by WWE. Vega, whose real name is Thea Trinidad, had tweeted out a statement supporting unionization shortly after she was informed of her release.

It’s not clear from a Twitter exchange between Trinidad and SAG this evening if Thea spoke to Gabrielle Carteris, or others at the labor organization Carteris heads up. But a conversation was had, and Trinidad has the Guild’s support as she plots her next move.

There are obstacles to a wrestler union or other organization, but they’re not insurmountable - especially if the government starts to take a critical look at WWE’s practice of classifying performers as independent contractors while prohibiting them from earning money by doing things other than wrestling outside the company.

That, and the other steps required for a fundamental change in the way the wrestling business operates, seems more possible than every before. It figures to be a big story in the coming year.

Stay tuned.