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Final Farewell media blitz may be the thing that makes sure Undertaker stays retired

Undertaker’s retirement has been a popular topic in the wrestling community for years.

In 2020, WWE’s capitalized on it in a big way. The Network’s The Last Ride docu-series built to the reveal that WrestleMania 36’s Boneyard Match with AJ Styles was Taker’s final match, and the “30 Days of the Dead Man” going on now has served as a retrospective on Mark Calaway’s legendary career. Promotion for this weekend’s Survivor Series, which will mark the 30th anniversary of his debuting as the character, has centered on Undertaker’s “Final Farewell”.

But a running theme of all the Network specials and every interview Calaway or one of his friends, co-workers, or family members gives is whether or not he’ll be able to stay retired this time. The Last Ride chronicled points in the past where he wanted to be done... until a call from Vince McMahon or his own nature drew him back to the ring.

But I’m starting to think this really might be it. Because I don’t know how he can do the full gong-and-druids thing again after he’s been profiled by People Magazine.

It’s a charming piece, giving us another look at his life at home in Texas as a husband and father.

WWE PR’s Twitter

I’m just saying, if Calaway wanted to force himself to give up the notion of one more match in the duster andMMA gloves? Making videos where your wife talks about the sweet things you do at home seems like the way a 55 year old school guy might do that...

And if that’s what it takes? Great! If Calaway really wants to be done, whatever he has to do to let kayfabe rest... in... peace... is okay with us.

You can check out the People piece in full here.

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