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The Man & her man tease a coming attraction

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Becky Lynch has been off the radar throughout most of her pregnancy, which isn’t always the route celebrities go in the 21st century, but is an approach we definitely wanted to respect here at Cageside Seats.

The Man’s due date is coming up next month though, and her fiancé is wrapping up his storylines on WWE television so he can help her welcome their child to the world. So Lynch decided to share some gorgeous fashion photos of her in full maternal glory. We definitely respect that decision too.

And only partly because, as Ron Simmons would say, DAMN! Bex looks great. And that Seth Rollins is a handsome, and happy-looking, dude.

Join us in wishing these two a smooth rest of this first phase of their parenthood journey. The best is yet to come, although it may not allow for a lot of glamour photos for a while.

We look forward to sharing some good news in December about the wee baby Quin-Lopez.