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Who cares if Bray Wyatt & Alexa Bliss are faces or heels?

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Earlier this month, we got a report that WWE considers Bray Wyatt and his new partner Alexa Bliss to be babyface characters on Raw.

Because my job description is basically “overthink pro wrestling shows,” I’ve been watching the Monday night one for the last two weeks trying to see how the red show was presenting Wyatt & Bliss.

Last night in particular was a mixed bag. The duo picked (and won) a fight with clear cut villains Miz & Morrison, but the set-up also reminded us that Bray broke into Miz’s house and tormented his family during their brief feud last winter. Shortly after Alexa rejected Miz’s offer of a team-up, her friend Nikki Cross showed up and pleaded with Lexi in an attempt to break The Fiend’s spell. Bliss appeared receptive... then slapped the taste out of Cross’ mouth.

Nikki was not a good friend to Alexa while pursuing the SmackDown Women’s title earlier this year, but she admits as much and otherwise acted honorably throughout her team-up with Bliss. So I’m pretty sure the Scotswoman is still a babyface, but a reunion with Lexi doesn’t seem to be in the cards. Bray certainly didn’t welcome Cross when he joined the two women in stage.

Anyway, back to Miz... Wyatt did offer to forgive the A-Lister before their match. Maybe it should be Miz forgiving Bray for the whole “terrorizing my daughter” thing? Regardless, the match ended with Wyatt going over the d-bag bad guys. And it gave us this crowd-pleasing moment from Bliss...

... after which Bray showed concern for his partner, and expressed joy when she reappeared unharmed after the match.

So where does it leave us vis-à-vis Alexa & Bray’s alignments? We’re probably in the process of a long face turn, and one not unlike the arcs the monsters & stalkers in movies that inform their characters undergo when creators figure out how to put Hannibal Lecter or Candyman in situations where the audience can cheer for them.

But mostly... who cares? I think wrestling needs babyfaces and heels, but not every character has to be completely one or the other. And with performers as interesting as Wyatt & Bliss, there’s no reason their characters shouldn’t be just as interesting.

Let us know what you think, Cagesiders. Are you going to let these tweeners in?