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Murphy might be your Buddy again, guy

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This could be nothing. His official profile still refers to the former Cruiserweight champion, ex-Seth Rollins disciple, and current Aalyah Mysterio paramour as a one-named Superstar.

But on his Twitter, Murphy added back the kayfabe first name WWE took from him back in February:

The naming whims of Vince McMahon are a favorite topic of discussion on the wrestle web, and speculation is already running wild about what might be going on with Murphy.

- Is he allowed to be our Buddy again now that he’s a babyface?

- Will he take Aalyah’s name after the wedding, and everyone agreed “Buddy Mysterio” sounds better than “Murphy Mysterio”?

- Is there a quota on one-named wrestlers, and Riddle dropping “Matt” put WWE over the limit?

Give us your best guess below, Cagesiders. We’ll see how Murphy is introduced when he heads to the ring to face Rollins on SmackDown this Friday.