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Why aren’t we talking more about Drew McIntyre’s giant sword?

A lot happened on the Nov. 16 Raw, I get it.

We’ve got a new WWE champ, and a new WrestleMania-worthy Survivor Series main event to go along with it. The women’s Survivor Series team changed. The men’s team lost to RETRIBUTION, which means Mustafa Ali’s crew is getting it together, AJ Styles’ squad is about to get murked on Sunday, or both. The Fiend-ified Alexa Bliss is taking out women & men, and Jeff Hardy hates fliers.

But one thing overshadows all of that. It’s like the Sword of Damocles hanging over the heads of the entire WWE Universe - only it’s the sword Ma McIntyre once spoke of, a Claymore used on the Highlands, unearthed by Sheamus, and bestowed upon the current head of Clan McIntyre...

The sword not only gave us that touching moment backstage, it gave Drew this badass new entrance. What’s better than a giant sword? A giant sword that causes eruptions of fire when you sheath it in the steel ramp on your way to reclaim your championship mantle, that’s what.

That’s some metal $#!+ right there.

Who else is hoping we get to see Drew McIntyre’s giant sword again on Sunday?

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