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Lacey Evans & Peyton Royce replace Mandy Rose & Dana Brooke at Survivor Series


There was some word going around that Mandy Rose suffered an injury during Monday Night Raw last week. She had her shoulder taped up during this week’s episode, and was then targeted by Shayna Baszler during a six-woman tag match, who injured her arm. She did nothing else in the match and Tom Phillips revealed she was taken to the back to be tended to by medical personnel.

Later, Dana Brooke, who was also selling being banged up in that match, was attacked by Reckoning backstage. It was apparently bad enough to put her out of the match as well, or at least that’s the story WWE is telling.

Adam Pearce, the official, uh, WWE Official on WWE’s television programming, later announced the two were injured and will no longer be able to participate on the Raw women’s Survivor Series team. Instead of a match to replace them, he simply revealed Peyton Royce & Lacey Evans, who are a tag team for reasons no one understands, would take their place.

So we’re back to being set, with two members of the SmackDown women’s team still to be revealed.

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