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SAG President: Union will work with wrestlers to ‘secure the protections they deserve’

26th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards - Inside Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images for Turner

In the wake of Zelina Vega’s firing, reportedly as a result of her refusal to shut down her Twitch account in adherence to WWE’s new policy on third-party engagement, Screen Actor’s Guild President Gabrielle Carteris reached out to Vega on Twitter.

We don’t yet know if a dialogue has started between Vega (real name Thea Trinidad) and Carteris. But the head of SAG-AFTRA did respond to an inquiry from Wrestling Inc about where her organization stands when it comes to representing wrestlers in their dealings with management:

“Wrestling is as much about media as it is sports, and we are going to directly engage with members of this profession to help find ways for them to protect themselves.

“As more people reinvest in unions, and as more working people are harassed by employers who don’t want to protect them, SAG-AFTRA is committed to doing what we can to help professional wrestlers secure the protections they deserve.”

What the Guild or any labor union can do will depend on wrestlers willingness to stand up to ownership. Will others take the immediate risk Trinidad did to better their position in the long-run? If they do, they seem to have more powerful partners ready to help than they ever have in the past.

Interesting times. Stay tuned.

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