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Sasha Banks wants a dream match with Kay Lee Ray

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Sasha Banks has had one hell of a run recently, standing tall as the SmackDown women’s champion. She isn’t the type to rest on her laurels, though, and she’s already talking about flying overseas for what she calls a dream match:

“So, Kay Lee Ray, I got a private jet sweetie, I’m making millions. I don’t mind flying over there. Or we can meet halfway. I can buy an island. I’m that rich. I don’t mind snatching that title from her, because that’s a nice little dream match of mine.”

The pandemic is such that this would seem to be an unlikely pairing, not to mention the fact that NXT UK simply isn’t put on the same footing as any of the main roster WWE shows, but it could, and likely would, do wonders for Ray, a talented wrestler who deserves that spotlight.