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Chelsea Green undergoes surgery

Chelsea Green made a long awaited debut on Friday Night SmackDown this week, and it went sideways almost immediately. After a dropkick off the apron, she went to the outside and wasn’t seen again. As it turned out, she suffered a broken wrist.

Just this morning, she updated us on the fact that she already went into surgery:

Her boyfriend, Matt Cardona, the artist formerly known as Zack Ryder, put into context just how devastating a setback this is for her:

She’s got a great attitude, at least, and there’s no reason to think there won’t be a spot open for her when she recovers.

At least, that’s the hope. Considering everything else that has happened in her run up to the main roster, you can never be certain. She’s undeniably talented enough to make a splash if she does get the chance to settle in.

Here’s to hoping that happens.

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