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Please let me know where to sign up for Chad Gable’s Alpha Academy

Last month, Chad Gable ditched the “Shorty G” moniker he’d been saddled with since his 2019 feud with King Corbin. He hadn’t done a whole lot since, but he reappeared on SmackDown last night (Nov. 13).

After Otis successfully dealt with yet another challenge from Dolph Ziggler, Gable rolled up and pitched the former Mr. Money in the Bank on a way to keep his win streak going...

Now, look. The idea of WWE splitting Heavy Machinery just to put Otis with another partner is just as frustrating as the company’s other random tag team break-ups. But I’m not gonna argue with anything that would put Gable back on my screen. In addition to being talented performers in all aspects of sports entertainment, the two men are real-life friends, so there’s a good bet they’ll have great chemistry.

Plus, just look at this flier!

Chad Gable’s Twitter

I think the Olympian is flying on the back of a bald eagle while carrying Fandango’s severed head. And if that doesn’t excite you, I don’t know what will.

Ready, willing, and Gable to see what Chad can help Otis achieve?

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