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SmackDown’s overnight numbers down slightly on Friday the 13th

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Probably had more to do with the lack of a Sasha Banks/Bayley match to promote then it did the bad luck date though.

SmackDown did great numbers for WWE and Fox last Friday.

The news wasn’t quite as good this week - probably not entirely due to the lack of a certain Mandalorian guest star and her greatest rival, but as Scott Steiner says, the numbers don’t lie.

Still, the blue show stayed about two million viewers for the third straight week and was only bested in the 18 - 49 year old demo by a new Shark Tank. Not bad for a show that didn’t promote anything specific until a couple hours before it went on the air.

Here are the fast nationals:

Showbuzz Daily

And here’s our running tracker of overnight numbers for the new season, but you can access the tab of year one numbers here (all data still via Showbuzz Daily).

Next week is the Survivor Series go home show. With spots open on both the men’s and women’s teams and Sasha & Roman Reigns prepping for champion vs. champion matches, that should be enough to keep the numbers in this ballpark. We shall see.

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