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What did Sasha Banks do on The Mandalorian this week?

SPOILERS, obviously.

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Sasha Banks’ Twitter

Disney+’s mega-hit The Mandalorian continued its second season on the streamer today (Fri., Nov. 13). Its third episode, “The Heiress”, picks up where we left off last week, with our titular hero limping along on his quest to find The Child (aka Baby Yoda)’s home after last week’s episode left his ship in tatters.

But what WWE fans want to know is... what did Sasha Banks do on The Mandalorian this week? Did we finally learn whether or not she’s playing Sabine Wren, or some other established figure from Star Wars lore?

MrSashaBanks’ Twitter

Sasha Banks does appear in episode three of season two of The Mandalorian. The image of her that appeared in the trailer serves as the thumbnail for this one on the streamer, so that’s hardly even a spoiler.


So what’s she up to?

While dreams of Sasha playing Wren are dashed, her character is a Mandalorian. There are no major mentions of a “Koska Reeves” in other Star Wars shows/games/books - but it sounds kind of like Mercedes Varnado (as she’s billed in the credits)’s kayfabe name, so that’s cool. Plus, she looks completely badass.


Reeves serves Katie Sackoff’s Bo-Katan Kryze (by kicking some ass and killing some monsters, I might add), and... well, I won’t get into all the continuity from The Clone Wars and Rebels animated series this episode pretty nimbly ties in to Din Djarin & Baby Yoda’s story, but that’s a pretty big deal in and of itself. Bo-Katan’s trio teams up with Djarin for a big heist, and fans frustrated that these second series outings weren’t advancing the story or tying into continuity enough will certainly find a lot to chew on here.

Sasha gets a few lines of dialogue and plenty of chances to display that Boss-itude we know and love.


Most of the aforementioned ass-kicking is done with her Mandalorian helmet on, but we can imagine Bayley is under some alien make-up or in a Stormtrooper uniform, right? And the reigning SmackDown Women’s champion gets to be on the most important episode of season two thus far, which - among other things - helped explain why our Mando keeps his face covered when other Mandalorians from Star Wars history don’t.

The door is certainly open for more appearances from Koska of Clan Kryze, but they’ll probably be later in this or future seasons. That’s because this half-hour ends with Bo-Katan sending Djarin off to meet up with an even bigger name from the annals of Clone Wars and Rebels.

But we’ll let you know, when we return next Friday with another edition of “What did Sasha Banks do on The Mandalorian this week?”

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