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I don’t think The Ryback is afraid of Panera Bread anymore

I will always associate The Ryback with endless portions of meat. His gimmick in WWE largely revolved around feeding on jobbers, which helped him develop the popular “Feed me more!” catch phrase. One great story that remains stuck in my brain is Daniel Bryan explaining how The Ryback was completely baffled and frustrated by the menu at Panera Bread and had no clue how to make an order there. A guy like The Ryback just wants huge piles of steak on his plate, after all.

Well that was then, and this is now. The Ryback revealed on Twitter that he’s now vegan:

Say it ain’t so! For all of you meat loving wrestling fans out there, at least you still have the meat castle that is Braun Strowman to hitch your wagon to.

But for those of you who are worried that The Ryback has completely changed since his WWE days, don’t fret, because he’s still talking trash about Triple H:

Maybe the Ryback should stick to tweeting about diet and exercise, because most wrestlers in Paul’s developmental program can run circles around him in the ring.

The Ryback has mentioned multiple times this year that he’s interested in wrestling for AEW, but I guess they haven’t called him yet. Do you hope to eventually see the Big Vegan Guy return to pro wrestling on a national stage?

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