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Sasha Banks and Bayley are ratings gold

Despite non-stop election coverage that persisted for days, last week’s (Nov. 6) episode of SmackDown actually saw an increase in ratings. The show began with a women’s championship match between Sasha Banks and Bayley. On Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer explained that it was the most watched WWE television segment during the coronavirus pandemic:

“It was the Bayley and Sasha Banks was the first half hour that was the most watched portion of WWE television since March. That was the highest rated segment of a WWE show, it topped 2.5 million viewers. First time any segment has done that.”

Even though the fan interest is palpable, it looks like their feud is now on hold. Carmella returned to SmackDown and attacked Sasha Banks right after the match, so that’s probably Sasha’s next feud. It seems likely that Bayley will find a spot on the women’s Survivor Series team, which still has several spots left to fill.

But the numbers here indicate that WWE probably won’t wait too long before returning to Sasha Banks versus Bayley, because they are ratings gold.

When do you want to see Sasha and Bayley mix it up again?

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