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FTR explains why they rejected Triple H’s offer to return to NXT

In a recent interview with talkSPORT’s Alex McCarthy, FTR addressed the rumor that Triple H offered them a return to NXT, shortly before their departure from WWE. It turns out that they did receive such an offer, but they decided that living in the past was not their best option. Here is how Cash Wheeler explained it:

“Once we got pulled from all of our dates on the main roster, it was down to NXT as the option and we talked to Hunter at length, there were offers on the table that were very tempting because we loved NXT and we loved our time there, but at the end of the day like Dax said, we knew that our time there was done.

We didn’t want to go back to the past – we’d done that. We wanted to come here [AEW]. We wanted to travel the world. We wanted to be doing something that makes a difference and impacts wrestling for the better and there we were just going to be cogs in the machine.

Here, we have a team of people in this company that are doing things that nobody thought was possible since WCW went out of business. There’s been nothing close to this. And you have this team in place here, with everybody working together and they want to better professional wrestling for the people here now and for generations of wrestlers to come.

That’s what we wanted to do. If we’re going to do anything with our remaining years in wrestling, it wasn’t going to be something we’ve already done. We had to go somewhere new and challenge ourselves.”

The Executive Vice Presidents of AEW have pretty much laid out this same exact vision for the promotion, so it’s not surprising to see why this option was far more appealing to FTR than sticking around in WWE. They want to make tag team wrestling as great as it possibly can be, and they believe AEW is the best place to make that happen.

FTR received an immediate push to the top of the tag team division in AEW, shortly after their debut in late May. They have received plenty of time on Dynamite and pay-per-view to show off their skills, and it recently culminated in a dream match against the Young Bucks at Full Gear 2020.

It seems like they made the right decision in declining Triple H’s offer. Do you agree?

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