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Undertaker: ‘There’s no water left in the sponge’

WWE is promoting the “final farewell” of the Undertaker on Nov. 22 at Survivor Series 2020.

Undertaker recently spoke with the New York Post to discuss the event and the end of his wrestling career. Many fans were hoping that the success of his cinematic Boneyard match at WrestleMania 36 laid the groundwork for a way to extend his career, but Undertaker isn’t interested in cheating around his limitations in that format:

“It really doesn’t appeal to me because basically what it is, is working around my limitations. It’s capitalizing on some of my ability and some of my creative ability to tell a story but basically it’s trying to mask some of the lack of my physical abilities at this point.”

He went on to say that even though his wife doesn’t necessarily believe him, he’s still not interested in returning to the ring for one more match:

“I realized I have taken every physical gift, tool that I have and have used it up. There’s no water left in the sponge, if I can use that analogy. I’ve rung everything I could get out of that sponge.”

As for those fans who expect that Undertaker will be back because he can’t say no to Vince McMahon, the Dead Man assures you that he is a grown ass man who can make his own decisions:

“That’s where the internet and all that stuff kind of show up, ‘Just let him retire, just let him do this, let him do that.’ I’m a grown man. I can walk away anytime I want.”

Do you think we’ve truly seen the Undertaker’s last match?

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