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Bayley is ‘done’ with Sasha Banks

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‘For now’

Bayley may be the longest reigning SmackDown Women’s champ in history, but she’s also the former SmackDown Women’s champ.

That’s because not only did she lose the belt to her long-time rival/friend Sasha Banks at Hell in a Cell last month, The Boss won their rematch on SmackDown last Friday (Nov. 6).

Will the Role Model make like Randy Orton and try to turn things around in a third match?

Nah. Not yet, anyway...

WWE made it crystal clear who the next challenger for the SmackDown Women’s championship will be when, shortly after Banks broke her title defense curse last Friday, Carmella showed up to kick her in the face.

So what is next for Bayley? How about a shot at the NWA Women’s belt?

A more realistic option is probably Bianca Belair, and putting Bayley on the blue brand’s Survivor Series team with The EST would be a convenient way to start something between them. But we’ll see.

Keep the “FOR NOW” part of Bay’s tweet in mind, too. Their 2015 match changed the business, and whether you call them The Boss ‘n’ Hug Connection or The Golden Role Models, their story since is one of the biggest of whatever the current era ends up being called.

Sasha and Bayley are never going to be “done” with each other.