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Mustafa Ali explains why he pronounced his own name wrong for years

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It’s not the exact explanation I speculated Mustafa Ali would give about why he himself has been using the pronunciation of his first name that he now says is incorrect on WWE television since 2016. Mine probably would have made the brass and the audience a little too uncomfortable - but it’s close enough to his that I’ll take credit anyway.

Actually, Ali’s is better than mine because it ties in another bit of continuity. And has more attitude.

RETRIBUTION’s leader is referring to the few months last year when he became one of WWE’s legion of one-named Superstars.

Maybe Vince McMahon also thinks “Matt” is too difficult to pronounce?

In all seriousness, this is more good work from Mustafa and the RETRIBUTION gang. Here’s hoping it pays off for them down the line in the likely event WWE resumes not doing them any favors*.

* The group finally picked up their first win on Mon., Nov. 9. But you wouldn’t know if from the edited version uploaded to Hulu, which is devoid of Ali’s match or his & Mia Yim/RECKONING’s promos from earlier in the episode. Gotta save room for that Lana babyface push!