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Rey Mysterio lays out his plan for the rest of his career

Since he just signed a new contract with WWE over the summer, and only come back from an injury last Friday (Nov. 6), it seems like a good time to ask about Rey Mysterio’s plans for the remainder of his legendary career.

Fortunately for us, that’s exactly what Lillian Garcia did when Rey and his son Dominik were her guests on the latest episode of her Chasing Glory podcast/WWE Network show!

“I’ll be 45 in December. And I don’t see myself going past 50, that’s for sure. My body feels great right now. I’ve been doing new methods of therapy - STEM cells, hyperbaric chambers, cryo chambers, CBD’s, you know, a lot of things that benefit me. I think that has given me more longevity.”

Wrestlers often say they can’t envision themselves working past a certain date or age, but hanging up the boots proves to be easier said than done. We’ll see how well Rey does as the years go by. As far as where and against who he’d like to call it a career, Mysterio has an answer to one but not the other:

“Definitely, yes [I want to retire in WWE]. Once you enter here, you can’t go any higher than this. This is where I’ve always envisioned myself finishing my career.

“Um, I really haven’t put thought to it [who my retirement match will be against], no. There are a lot of choices, though.”

Dominik could be a front runner, but 50 - or whenever Rey says goodbye - is a ways down the road.

Fantasy book a farewell match for Mysterio in the comments below, and let us know if you think he’ll really be retired come 2026 while you’re at it.

H/T: Wrestling Inc for transcription