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Karrion Kross says he could be back ‘any second’

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Tick. Tock.

Karrion Kross was forced to vacate the NXT title shortly after winning it. He suffered a shoulder injury while defeating Keith Lee at TakeOver XXX in August - then exited the stage as mysteriously as he’d arrived on it.

His partner Scarlett offered a promising update on his rehabilitation last month, and now Kross himself has posted a couple videos to Instagram that give the impression he could be returning to Wednesday night television very soon.

If workout videos and motivational self-talk aren’t your thing, he also posted this David Lynch-inspired teaser with Scarlett that delivers a similar message.

The NXT title is currently limbo as Finn Bálor recovers from a broken jaw. Bálor hasn’t been asked to vacate the belt despite his being out for a month and counting - and that would seem to be a good reason to Kross to resume wrecking $#!+ at the Capitol Wrestling Center, don’t you think?

Tick tock.