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Why Randy Orton is right to be confident about next week’s WWE title defense against Drew McIntyre

For the first time in three weeks*, Raw did not end with Randy Orton getting the drop on Drew McIntyre last night (Nov. 9).

Is that a bad sign for the WWE champ now that he knows McIntyre is getting a rematch next Monday? While I’m not sure I’d agree with WWE’s web team classifying this as a “guarantee”, the Viper does seem very confident...

He’s probably right to be. In the real world, reports continue to say Vince McMahon’s Plan A for WrestleMania 37 is to have Orton defend the title against Edge next March. And in the scripted one, I think Sheamus might be harboring some resentments against his friend Drew for continuing to shoot down his team-up idea.

Plus, I hope and think McIntyre vs. Roman Reigns is something WWE wants to save for a bigger moment than a no-build “brand supremacy” match at Survivor Series.

Let us know what you think about Orton’s odds of emerging victorious on Nov. 16 are in the comments below.

* Unless you’re in Canada. Then it’s just the first time in two weeks.